Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Not Funny

You don't see me laughing, do you?

"Not Funny

by Mark Sashine

When an idiot pretends to be smart- all people laugh but when a smart person pretends to be an idiot - all people start to worry.

Russian saying

I am not laughing anymore. It's not funny.

It's not funny when President Obama betrays the Constitution and refuses to prosecute the members of the previous administration for their crimes. It is not funny when Professor Jonathan Turley on MSNBC tells us to 'forget your civil rights because those are not protected anymore.' That's now? Not under Bush? Not funny at all.

It's not funny when it becomes obvious that Eric Holder sold his soul to the Devil when he agreed on a deal to let Sen. Stevens off the hook and denigrate his own office. It's not funny when after that the Justice Department helps(!) to promote the impunity of the illegal wiretapping.

It's not funny when our President in total ignorance and malice promises in Prague to continue the infamous ABM program although the whole world knows that program to be a stupid and dangeorus provocation, nothing more.

It's not funny when we now see that the real group which brought Obama and Co. to power are Big Pharma and Big Agro. The unbelievable vehemence and hurry of the stem research fed funding, NAIS and HR 845 speak loud and clear about whom does Obama oblige.

It's not funny when the Dem administration in total stupidity and malice attacks the most skillful groups of the US workforce- automotive workers, aerospace engineering core, IAM, etc. Our government not only does not want to stop the avalanche of layoffs of those people but in fact promotes it in all possible ways.

It's not funny when a former bouncer and a petty gangster becomes a Foreign Minister of Israel, proclaims openly the extremist views and hatemongering and our Secretary of State... keeps nice and silent. Remember what happened when Hamas was elected?

It's not funny when our President calls the Iraqi war 'an achievement'. It is a dishonorable atrocity and a lie.

It's not funny when our current administration openly ignores all the main figures of the former anti-Bush movement, when it does not care for the truth of 9/11, when Cindy Sheehan, Vincent Bugliosi, Ray McGovern, Scott Ritter and Greg Palast are not welcome, when the horrible shadow of lawlessness still hangs over us.

It's not funny when Karl Rove spits on Congress and they.. say, 'Thank you.'

It's not funny when Nancy Pelosi, the queen of lying eyes writes and publishes a book to guide our daughters. God save us from harm.

It's not funny when our 'Defense' budget is an offense to decency and common sense, a monstrosity beyond belief.

It's not funny when our government openly promotes the ' robot war' and the usage of the drones. It is madness. If we are not very liked now just imagine how the people of the world will react to that strategy. Our heads and heads of our children will be on pikes througout the world. There will be an open season on all Americans, man, woman and child. We will be destroyed.

It's not funny when so-called scentific advisers openly entertain throwing the polluting particles into the upper atmosphere to 'reflect the radiation'. That's lunacy. Lunacy should not be discussed. Mind you, I repeat: those people are the enemies of the US and Humanity and are to be confined to the asylum.

It's not funny when we have suddenly the pandemia of all kinds of ' Corpses'. Energy Corps, AmeriCorps, this Corps, that... Our country does not need Corpses. It needs big projects, serious rebuilding, jobs associated, empowering local governments, lower property taxes and good safety net. It needs universal healthcare. It needs our National Guard to come home. It needs peace. It needs lower tuition fees. It needs national K-12 education system. It needs the transfer to the SI system of measurements. It needs leaving the farmers alone. It does not need the ' community organizing' paroxism. It needs better cadres in all branches of the already available power to reorganize itself. It needs the transfer of power from the interests to the public. It needs honest people at the helm.

It's not funny when we have billions spent on Homeland SS and DNI and the only result is harm to our nation. And no end to this harm in sight.

It's not funny when we suddenly see the vehement hurry in the Immigration reform. True, we need to legalize those people and we need to do it properly. But what has to be done first and foremost is to create a mutual body with all parties to discuss the current situation, particularly what is legal and what is not, who is 'illegal' etc. Takes time. Are there really 12 million? Who counted? We need to start working on that dilligently and slowly, maybe starting by putting a moratorium on deportation while enabling the police to arrest the criminals no matter what. Those people are not illegal- technically they are Mexican and/or citizens of other countries; we need to consider that too.

It's not funny when our President virtually wants to 'dump' the innocent victims off the Gitmo abuse to Skid Row- whoever takes them and whatever is done to them. Those people have rights. How about listening to their wishes?

It's not funny when our President asks for $83 billion dollars to expand the CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY- the war in Afghanistan.

None of this is funny. I am not even talking the bailout of the Wall St. and the total betrayal of the core industries of the country. Michelle Obama can dig her potholes as much as she wants; very soon Washington DC will have no air to breath because of the stench of malice.

I am Mark Sashine and I approve this message.