Friday, April 24, 2009

War Criminal Siege Grinds Down Gazans

With a complicit and enabling jewsmedia helping to cover it up.

Don't like the term? Too bad; when the shoe fits....

"A new Palestinian patient dies due to siege

Gaza Strip, April 22, 2009, (Pal Telegraph) - Siege on the Gaza Strip is still chasing Palestinians into the grave. A Palestinian man in his mid fifties died an hour ago due to inability to access needed medication and treatment.

Nai'm El Ejla, 58, turned severely sick directly after the war on Gaza. Doctors in Gaza failed in diagnosing his case, presenting vague, general symptoms until his death. He was stuck on the border with Egypt many times. He tried to travel to Israel for treatment but these efforts were denied. Ebrahim, 24, journalist from Gaza and son of Mr. Nai'm reported for the Palestine Telegraph of his father's death.

"We tried to give him treatment but we failed. He is Shaid (Martyr) of siege. Doctors in Gaza were not able to help him. We tried to send him to Egypt but we failed until his health conditions deteriorated. Finally, we managed to get him a medical referral from Gaza hospitals but this didn't rescue him. Egyptian authorities didn't allow him even to get into the hospital. He died at the hospital door as doctors and Egyptian authorities refused to treat him. " Ebrahim said while crying.

The El ejla family is waiting for the victims remains to arrive in Gaza. Nai'm is still in the Egyptian territories. The number of siege victims increases to reach 323 people. Lack of access to medical treatment threatens Palestinian lives daily. All hospitals and clinics in Gaza report severe shortages of medicines and equipment. Stocks of basic medications are 50% low.

Medicines to treat diabetes, heart disease, asthma and other chronic diseases are not available. Access to Oncologists or dialysis is non-existent. A poignant problem given high cancer rates resulting from the Israeli army use of depleted uranium coated munitions. Sterilized supplies are short by 30%.

Diagnostic testing supplies are down by 40%, directly affecting patients health. Even children's incubators are affected by the shortages. Hospital equipment desperately needs spare parts and maintenance. The siege prevents supplies from being replenished. Shipments are frequently blocked or delayed at border crossings. Continued power cuts and blackouts have damaged hospital equipment and information systems.


: Israel Admits At Least 14 Gazans Die Every Day