Monday, April 13, 2009

The United States of New England

Straight from the horse's mouth of my home state:

"USA out of New England

You won’t read about this in our federally funded and regulated “public schools” but the first states to consider secession from the union (a right of all states recognized as such by the founders) were the New England states. As the Federal Government waged a foolish war against the British (the War of 1812) and forbid all trade with her- the severely economically depressed states of New England, whose main trading partner was Great Britain, sent delegates to Hartford to discuss secession from the union in 1814. The end of the war a short time later rendered the Hartford Convention moot and with the war over sentiment for secession drifted away. But for a time- New England ships flew a distinctive flag so that British ships would not interdict them on the high seas during that war- a war New England sent neither men nor funds to support (this is back when states still had real power- unlike today). It is well past time to pick up the mantle of New England independence once more.

With every passing day our federal politicians, our disloyal rootless corporate elite, and their poodle controlled mass media that sets the tiny parameter of what we call “debate” in this country loses more and more credibility.

Obama’s appointments and actions thus far should dispel all illusions about the never defined in the first place “Change” he talked about. The same hacks and crooks and self serving DC insiders who ran this country under Bush are running it now still. Our Congress is a powerless rubber stamp that mimics debate over minutia- like calling hearings on athlete drug use while the executive branch is busy breaking thousand year old norms of western legal thinking and morality on torture and kidnapping (not to mention dozens of actual laws on our books as well as an international treaty expressly forbidding the exact acts personally approved by our idiot princeling former President) . . . that ignores blatant evidence of obvious war crimes . . .

Meanwhile our “free press” sounds like Pravda circa 1984 only dumber, sillier, and less substantive.

We watch as an unelected shadow elite who run the Federal Reserve (meaning they run the country) all but dictate to our pathetic compromised DC political class what to do and what not to do- the same liars and criminals who got us here- are now telling us how they intend to make it all better . . .

Oh, but look! The Republicans are opposing Obama! We have opposition to his plans!
Please! Please stop with that two party fraud Kabuki theater act already! The GOP “opposes” nothing. Their “opposition” is a fraud and a stage act. This is the same party that just three months ago all but nationalized the entire financial industry and told us how giving – blindly and with zero oversight- literally trillions to our crook financial elite (their friends and patrons) was necessary to “save us”. This is the same party that just spent the last 8 years creating a massive security and surveillance state whose size and capabilities dwarf the KGB of the old Soviet Union. This is the same party that expanded government power tenfold more than Clinton. This is the party that invented the totalitarian term “Homeland”! Small government conservatives? That is a lie. That is just a line they start using only when out of power. They are not conservatives. They are national socialists. Fascists. Yes- Fascists!

Is there any doubt among even the dumbest of Republicans and Democrats at this point that if McCain had won the GOP would have voted “yea” on a “stimulus” bill indistinguishable from the one Obama just rammed down our throats and the Dems would have voted “nea”?


The Democrats and Republicans mimic debate over a handful of symbolic issues that they never have any intention of resolving so they can divide us and rule us and plunder us- issues that have no place at the federal level!

See, our ruling elite is smarter than the top commies who ran the Soviet Union. The Soviets only had one party with no semblance of an opposition. Our bloated, degenerate, and corrupt ruling class has the sense to put on an elaborate production for us called the Democrats and Republicans – two fake parties that pretend to be engaged in battles (and some of the dumber elected ones actually think they are engaged in real battles).

One of these parties is always pretending to be an “opposition”. Literally three months ago GOP propaganda organs were defending notions of Executive Supremacy and all but calling people traitors who challenged their torture regime and expansion of numerous government powers. And the Dems were decrying these things (with rhetoric only however). Now- without batting an eye the GOP is back to worrying about “government power” and the Dems are the ones calling for more of it (Obama is actually protecting the torturers and murderers of the Bush Administration from prosecution – as he intends to use the new power to kidnap, torture, and murder people pioneered under Bush the Lesser himself)). And the corporate/government beltway “free press”? They are busy telling us, in the face of poll evidence exactly to the contrary, that Americans just want to “move on” and not hold anyone from the criminal Bush regime accountable for their many crimes against humanity! Dem and GOP pundits all agree on this. . . because they are beholden to Oligarchy and their parties completely fake!

Here’s a question? If torture doesn’t get one of our Beltway elite prosecuted then what the hell does?


They are one party. A party of whores that serve themselves and their friends and they laugh at- yes LAUGH AT- the true believers of both parties- the starry eyed rank and file BOOBS who actually think these parties have real differences.

These people do not care about you. Not one tiny bit. They don’t care about “America”- whatever that is. They care about themselves. They care about DC. They care about the seat of imperial power and the wealth and health of their friends and families- their ruling imperial clique.

Our Congressman and Senators don’t care about us. They spend more time in DC than they do in their home states (which most of them can’t stand even visiting). They live in DC. They just come home to go through the motions of elections – 98 percent of whom are virtually assured of winning re-election no matter what as our elections are uncompetitive rigged jokes (literally less competitive most years than old Soviet Party Congress elections) between two fake parties that serve the interests of an imperial oligarchy.

But even if there was some differences between these parties (there isn’t) you should know, dear reader that your vote is worthless. The US has the worst- after India- ratio of representatives to population of any “democracy” in the world. Your vote in a House of Representatives election today is worth 6 times less than it was for your Grandfather and Great Grandfathers. In countries like Germany, Japan, and France there is one representative on the national level for every 100,000 or so people. Here? In the “Home of the Free?” That ratio is nearly 700,000 to one! The number of Congressmen hasn’t been adjusted since 1911! Why? Easier for a small cabal to control a smaller number of elected representatives.

Ted Kennedy? John Kerry? Barney Frank? These people are not our representatives in DC. They are DC’s emissaries to us! They don’t represent our interests. They represent the collection of interests that swirl around DC. They are foreigners for all intent and purpose.

And the same goes for every fed agency on our New England soil. Why are feds investigating our local politicians in the first place? Why do we even trust these outsiders? What is their agenda? For example, It isn’t like the FBI cares about “fighting crime” in Boston. Remember Whitey? All they cared about was getting headlines that said how they were fighting the “Italian Mafia”. See- you get promotions (perhaps a desk in the big leagues in Washington!) in the FBI for battling the rump joke of an Italian “mafia” that hasn’t been a real factor in organized crime for DECADES! So why not let an Irish mass murderer run loose for 20 years to do whatever he wanted as long as he gave up small fry bookies in the North End to his FBI handlers?

Fed agencies in Massachusetts have an outside agenda that seldom, if ever, has our best interests at heart- often the exact opposite! Why do we automatically trust these outsiders more than our own local leaders and police? You think they care about us because they are “Fellow Americans?”

Let me let you in on a dirty secret. Psssst? You Ready? Ok- here it is. There is no such thing as an “American”. Got it? Understand? It is every bit a fable and fantasy designation as the term “Soviet” was in Communist Russia.

We don’t share a common ethnicity. There is no common religion. There is no common culture. We don’t even share common beliefs about the nature of government anymore!

What do we New Englanders have in common with the rapture nutting rubes of Kentucky? What do we share in common with the ridiculous garish grotesques of Texas? The rootless fops and flakes of California? The snake dancing “Christians” of Arkansas? Why do we tolerate even the tiniest bit of influence from these regions filled with benighted near savages to effect what happens in our beloved New England? Why would we want to be associated with torture loving cretins whose pied piper is a thrice divorced sex touring pill head radio fascist who sells “Club Gitmo” gear on his website?

Who are these people? They are not me. Are they you?

Is Iraq our war? Is Afghanistan our war? Is this entire farcical “War on Terror” against an organization that has the comic book powers of the Hall of Super Villains and which we are told next to nothing about that is either substantive or quantitative (harder to get caught in a lie if you are deliberately vague all the time) our war?. Is supporting a bunch of land thieves and racists in “Israel”, quite literally no matter what they do, in our interests? “Israel” could pour hot lead on ditches filled with Palestinian babies on live TeeVee and US politicians would line up to accuse the babies of being terrorists who deserved it! Is the trillion dollar a year outrageous scam we call the US military ours? Are our interests served by any of these things?

Are we pathetic cowards and suckers who think “Islam” is gonna sail over here on its reed boat and “take us over” unless we “fight them over there” and support an empire of 700 foreign military bases costing us hundreds of billions per year like the imbeciles and easy marks of “Real America” think? For the love of Pete! At least the “commie threat” was semi plausible! “Islam”? Who but a complete drooling moron buys into that “threat?” What’s next? If a pool of oil in Africa is suddenly found will the “Defense” Firms’ funded faux conservatives and reich-wingers at “National Review” be trying to scare us with tales of the “Bantu threat”? Give me a break!

Do we share the laughable xenophobic paranoia that infests the goo-filled skin sacks of middle America? NO!

What is keeping us tied at the hips to these people?

And know this as well . . . for every dollar that leaves The Commonwealth in federal taxes we only get 90 cents back. Who gets more than they kick in? Yep- those “rugged individualists” in the sea of under populated rotten borough “red states” between the coasts of this country. They are bleeding us dry! Remember that the next time some weeble wobble t-shirted tourist from Bumbleweed Wyoming with his fat family in tow cracks wise about the cost of the “Big Dig”.

The rumblings have begun. New Hampshire and Vermont have large and active secessionist movements already. As things get worse will we continue to follow the lead of distant national politicians who could care less about us and with whom we share nothing in common- whose agendas and interests are not ours? Or are we going to listen to those who live among us – our neighbors- our friends- our family?

We share a distinct and rich New England cultural and political heritage. A unique political heritage of self government. A unique cultural heritage that is both open minded and yet values tradition and personal restraint.

We are both conservative and liberal at the same time. We are mocked because our laws are socially liberal. But this is a state with a lower divorce rate than ALL of the so called “Family Values” states. We recognize that one’s culture doesn’t come from law- but from within! We live our culture! We don’t ask for or need the government to enshrine it! Dead cultures demand government protection via law. The “Conservatism” of the Red State is a fraud. It is a political movement. Culturally? They are bankrupt and they possess all the restraint of rutting pigs!

We can no longer remain in a union with people who do not share our values and openly say so. Who support notions that the President can break the law anytime he likes. Can we remain a part of lands filled with people whose 50 year old versions of “Christianity” are little more than thinly veiled pagan tribal revenge fantasies, who think dinosaurs were “Jesus horses”, where the American flag on the altar in their Mega Dome “Church” is bigger than the crucifix . . . people who worship Mars and Militarism? Huge areas of these foreign “American” lands outside of New England survive on economies totally dependent on military bases surrounded by all manner of vice and vileness – all the while holding themselves out as paragons of virtue who demand to be “thanked” for their “service”. We cannot allow the caveman beliefs and freedom hating militarized culture of these people to play even a small role on what goes on inside our country of New England- our island of civilization and enlightenment! And we cannot in good conscious be part of a union whose policies are in any way driven by these alien and frankly sinister values.

I am a New Englander. That is real. What is an American? Some dope trying to be an “Idol” on a network show? Some dumb fantasy ideal in a Capra or Spielberg World War II movie ? Some federally funded PBS produced propaganda portrayal of Abe Lincoln that is one big lie of omission from beginning to end? An obnoxious jackass ordering “Freedom Fries” in a café on the Champs-Elysees? Truth is- to the extent that being an “American” is a real identity at all- it is only because of the boob tube and the silver screen. I’ll tell you who doesn’t take the identity of being an American seriously- every inside player in Washington. They fancy themselves free agents of the world and act accordingly!

By now, you should know that a “recovery” is not around the corner. Our sad soft totalitarian media is just admitting that we are in recession (which we have been in for over a year already). That is how you know we are in a depression. And when they admit to a depression it will be even worse. And as things get worse our Fed overlords will get desperate and they will start to tighten the screws in a frantic attempt to hold onto power . . .

. . . The time will come to pick sides. Whose side will you be on? Your fellow countrymen who live next door? Or nameless feds in black SWAT uniforms who live in some generic soulless Beltway suburb (the only area of the country experiencing a housing boom because bad times are good times for governments and bureaucrats).

USA out of New England . . . NOW!