Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Inside the Fun House: The Definition of Apocalypse

"Apocalypse... Revealing... Disclosing and Unveiling Hardly a day goes by when I don’t reflect on the definition of Apocalypse. Once again, here it is… “uncover, reveal, disclose, unveil” and there are others as well but not applicable to my purpose and in some cases there is also the implication of concealment and covering. Revelation is also an interesting word and shares quite a few of the definitions of Apocalypse. Then there’s whether you look at it as ‘The’ Apocalypse with the four horsemen and all the attendant special effects or, ‘the’ Revelations from the New Testament. I’m supposing any number of people can spend their whole life studying these things and still not know much about them in the end. Well now… you know what? Now that I think about it, I am sure that is the case more often than not.

I am guessing it is always the minority that wants to ‘really’ learn about hidden things and archetypal truths. A greater number just wants to expound on them once they’ve got some order to their collection of data. I note the extreme predominance in numbers of people collecting money in connection with these things and those who give it away for free. Of course nothing is free. You always pay; in experience, in effort, in personal transformation, in various disappointments and by having to discard what may seem valuable to others but proves only a burden to the sincere in heart.

I’m digressing but I find it useful and hopefully so does the reader. Many of us have known for some time about Israel’s involvement in the staging of the 9/11 terror attacks and here’s a nice collection of only a few of the interlinking associations. More is ‘revealed’ as time passes and I suspect this is an apocalypse of some sort. Some of you are familiar with Time Monks and the Web Bot Project. I don’t know what sort of accuracy to ascribe to their endeavors but one thing they harp on is that a lot of things are going to come out. A lot of things are going to be revealed. Things that have been hidden for a long time are going to become public.

I’m not much for psychics. I don’t have the time to get into the reasons but I suspect the reader knows how compromised a lot of the information is, given the wide possibility of sources. Still… I took a couple of hours the other day to check out a variety of money collecting psychics as well as an assortment of financial, talking head prophets and it was really something to see how uniformly misinformed they all have been; not that that stops them. There are a few exceptions as there always are and even they weren’t right half the time. The Time Monks have a better track record than most but they’re not consistently right either.

Moving right along… we now come to the huge mass of conflicting evidence and lack of evidence about ‘illuminati’ and ‘masons’; reptiles, your assorted UFO collectibles and even D.C. Hookers talking about hi-powered clients possessed by demons. You can get lost in this shit and people do. This is why I personally advise that you live your life according to a personal code which, for some reason, can possess a magically protective capability and… cultivate friends in high places. This has worked for me though it hasn’t spared me the spin cycle in the semi-precious rock tumbler on occasion.

Finally… we are hearing all sorts of things about mysterious asteroids soon to wipe out 90% of the human race. We hear about underground cities in Norway where the psychopaths plan on waiting out the immediate devastation. We hear about coming revolutions and riots over food and necessities. We hear about the world-wide, total crash of the financial system. We hear about government control of the weather and the conditions of the ground beneath our feet. I could list a lot more areas of interest from the GWEN system to FEMA concentration camps but… that way lies madness.

What we do know is that something is up. We know that powerful interests are looting the world’s money supply for their own benefit and we know that they have set into place a variety of crowd control measures. We know that ‘something’ has gone freaky with the weather and I mean both our external and internal climates. I’ve noticed that what the majority of people are feeling has a direct effect on the things that happen. I’ve noticed that the feelings and thoughts of the majority are manipulated by the minority for reasons with which we are familiar.

Something is on the way. Myself… I’m mostly an optimist because that’s the way I’m made. I’ve noticed in my own life how things have a way of turning around in the darkest moments. Right now a lot of people are having a very tough time and it looks to be worse down the road.

At the same time… all this financial skullduggery and blatant theft of the people’s money is based on an economic smoke screen about money that never existed in the first place. In the meantime… the buildings and offices are still there and so are the supermarkets and all sorts of other infrastructure. The roads are still there and decent people are still going to work and getting the job done all around the globe.

A truly ominous sign of Obama’s being a tool is this new effort to hamstring the small farms and farmer’s markets as well as the entrepreneurs in the health food business and most of the organic produce growers. You couldn’t do this in Europe. There’s a lot you can’t get away with over here that Americans seem complacent enough to allow without must resistance at all. Well… I’ve seen enough of Obama by this time to make him a figure of suspicion; especially now that Joe Lieberman likes him.

I realize this treatise is a bit disjointed but… so is life at this time and that may be my point. But my real point is what kind of hash and eggs I can make out of the ingredients list. Israel put a lot of time and trouble into finessing themselves into that location in order to have a sovereign base from which to loot and control the world. This has always been the purpose of bankers and money lenders and control of the press and entertainment industries provides for a control on information. Unfortunately, this internet thing happened, along with this apocalypse thing and the whole world is getting a good look at these genocidal psychopaths.

is losing her grip on the control of the world’s mind and that is troubling for them after having reaped so much swag from so many lies and false flag efforts. Along with her enablers in Washington, D.C. London and sundry, they are engaged in a multi-pronged effort to maintain control and failing that to create a chaos great enough to make the world forget their nasty behavior by putting the focus on personal survival. That’s how it looks to me. None of this has happened by accident any more than the last depression did OR… the forming of the Federal Reserve and the ending and re-establishing of the Federal Reserve and the murder of anyone in a position to break the stranglehold. You could call this anti-Semitic; if we were even talking about Semitics but its more likely just true and which… reflexively, automatically makes it anti-Semitic.

We do not… any of us know how this is going to shake out but I subscribe to the joker in the deck principle, meaning, ‘they’ don’t know either. Things are just going to go on… unveiling… uncovering… revealing and I need to keep repeating those words because we are in the midst.

As I said, I’m an optimist and so I don’t believe it’s going to resolve itself as ‘they’ intend. I think they’re going to get caught with their pants down and all those Polaroid’s in the wrong hands. I do believe there are some great tragedies ahead but I think they are counter pointed by a tremendous leap in imagination and industry of all sorts with great promise for the future. I tend to believe that we ain’t seen nothing yet… in every sense of the phrase.

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