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Inside the Fun House: Hall of Heroes

(Blog author's note: I alter this fabulous and perceptive author's titles not out of disrespect, but respect at the unexpected and prescient phrases, themes, and ideas that catch my eye in his brilliant essays. He really made me think today; however, in the end I do not believe that my heroes were agents. Gandhi was right: truth and love have always won, and tyrants always fall.... always.

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"Screwed. Blued and Tattooed under the Hairline

Sometimes you come across something that needs to be written about. It doesn’t matter what you might have had in mind previous to it. It begs discussion. Recently, on several occasions, I have had readers respond with something along these lines... they are saying Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi took money from the communists and that they served the purpose of the shadowy elite and then were killed when their usefulness was at end. On a couple of those occasions, the commentary was almost word for word even though the writers were different people.

Inside the Fun House: Something Inside of Them

It seems to me that there are those who think the entire institution is locked down tight. They think every millimeter of ground is scanned by an all seeing eye and that every heart and mind is not only known in its entirety but that everything being thought and felt is either made careful note of or generated to begin with.

It’s ironic, or odd or merely coincidental but… if you take the other side of the equation you find that there are those who believe exactly the same thing except… it’s some kind of all pervasive deity that accomplishes it. I’m going to assume that the former are hard-wired materialists/atheists; they would have to be if you think about it and… the latter are hard wired religionists. They come to the same conclusions except for the source of the matter. One side believes a dynasty of unending temporal rulership has been in effect since whenever this thing started and the other side believes that some guy with a white beard and a multi-dimensional abacus is keeping score for whatever purpose that might be.

I look at my own situation and I can see that I am a reactionary and a revolutionary, so there are two possibilities here. I must be co-opted by the deathless elite for whatever purpose I am serving and I am being maintained by resources granted by the same for the perpetuation of whatever part I am playing. I’m going to assume that I’m not all that important because no one is giving me much money for these blog efforts. It might be possible to maintain the life of a small dog or probably something even smaller on the flood of donations that pour in from unidentified sources; most likely communist or some other elite based front but let’s just go back to the part about my not being important.

I’m guessing now that all the trouble I have with Goggle/Blogger, which mirrors other folks difficulties with youtube and the like is only present because the opposition I receive is just a part of the conditioning that makes my small contributions what they are. If I burn myself on the woodstove or I get it in mind to have something Thai come out of my kitchen rather than Italian or Mexican it is most likely that the burn on my hand has something to do with influencing my thought when I write something here and whenever I eat something, the raw ingredients have already been through some kind of elite processing center that added or removed components in order to affect the flow of my thought as I manifest these words. I see that I use three dashes a lot and I’m thinking that might be due to the unfailing ingestion of garlic at every meal. There’s a twitch factor installed into the garlic that makes me hit the period key three times according to when they are needed.

It’s a hard thing for me to get my head around… (there they are again) that King and Gandhi were not only on the payroll but that they were willingly involved in scamming the public under idealistic pretenses in order to serve the will of the oppressors which they were in seeming opposition to. It’s not a large step to assume that the elite had Mary, the mother of Jesus into the Tavistock laboratory of the day and were making alterations to her being; sort of like the guys at The Shop in the movie “Firestarter”. When you read the series, Inside the L.C. you get the impression that most of the music that was made in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s was a government controlled project. Interestingly, I had a run in with Charlie Manson in San Francisco and the F.B.I. (when they were chasing me all over the country for a few years) made a big deal out of it when visiting the parents of the kids in whose homes I used to stay for brief periods. None of the parents believed them but that’s probably part of the elite plan too… as was my meeting Charlie.

Well, if King and Gandhi were both assets financed by the omnipresent, Illuminati/Elite, Communist and or Capitalist or… pick anything really… guys in black sunglasses ...then it stands to reason that the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus were too. They didn’t even try to hide it with Santa Claus; red suit and all, come to think of it. There’s a guy who’s got a white beard AND works to dispense presents among the masses. He might be the real heavyweight we’ve all been looking to identify.

When I think about some of the things that the nihilistic and utter despair contingent tells me, my first reaction is to get a gun and shoot myself in the head… then it occurs to me that I won’t have to worry about that because that’s already been dated and planned out to the inth detail for when the script says it should go down. I knew my parents were screwed up and at least, now I know why. It was all to bring me to this moment where I get to write what I’m writing which is completely automatic and so are your reactions when you read it.

What I don’t get is… if everyone and everything is under control by a network of psychopaths then why is it necessary to have patsies like Timothy McVeigh when a lot of us know that the planning, orders and execution came out of Elohim City? Furthermore, if everyone good and bad is an asset then what do we need with all of the subterfuges and cover-ups? Is it just their need for drama and entertainment? After all, the reactions of the public are completely controlled already so… (Brief halt in word stream for painful flashbacks to green painted hallways, operating table, probes, shuddering…normalizing).

My take is and has been that we exist on a Mobius Strip. Half of the loop is visible and half of it is not. Somewhere within the operation of this setting, justice and balance are applied as the scales offset against each other. I’ve never thought that I/we were going to win some cosmic battle by fighting the good fight. I’ve always thought it was more about defining who we are in relation to where we are headed. I don’t think much past that because it isn’t something I can know prior to arrival. Even if I thought all of my efforts were in a losing cause I wouldn’t alter what I do.

Somehow, I/you have to make sense out of our lives and what we do in order to come to terms with our lives and what we do. We deny what is inconvenient to what we wish to believe and we accommodate what happens to what we have convinced ourselves to be true. I don’t know what made me who I am and Paris Hilton what she is but something tells me it has to do with some mysterious inner thing that works a lot differently for me than it does for Paris. I don’t need any more justification for what I believe and what I do than that I am not Paris Hilton or… working for the C.I.A. or Wal-Mart or anyone really. I pride myself on what I am not as much as for what I am. The former is a lot easier to determine anyway.

Most of what I believe and do is based on what I see other people doing. Quite often I say to myself, “I’m glad I’m not them. I’m glad I’m not doing that.” These non-actions are as much an accomplishment as any real actions; according to me. There’s no payoff for it in the ordinary sense but it makes me feel better.

Okay… so maybe we are all screwed, blued and tattooed under the hairline but… that doesn’t make any difference to me. Even if all of my actions are programmed and I’m an asset just like every single one of you, I’m going to operate on the assumption that that is not true. I’m going to operate on the assumption that it makes a difference and that there is some latitude that is something like ‘free will’ and that those few of us who work to make the world a better place are not terminally deluded, even if we never accomplish it at all. I have to believe that hundredth monkey is out there. I have to believe there is a straw that’s going to land on the camel’s back. I am not going to accept that a pack of regenerating criminals has got the whole thing under lock and key. I just don’t believe it to be true.

I have read a lot of what Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi had to say and I have read the works of many yogis and deep thinkers from many periods of time and that has shaped what I believe more than this world or any of the possible Hollywood scenarios I have heard about. Furthermore… no matter what the last so many thousands of years have shown us through history, religion and science, there’s something about the present that is different. Whatever may have been before there is something new on the horizon now. It may be better or it may be worse but it’s not going to be the same.

Everlasting Love

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