Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Inside the Fun House: Why is the Truth so Unwelcome?

"So Many Questions and so Little Time to Answer

Sometimes I have a lot of questions and sometimes I don’t have any. I think that during the times when I have questions, I am in the mode of altruism which inclines me to believe that answering certain questions will lead to solutions to longstanding problems. During the times when I don’t have any questions, it seems to me, I am seeing the world for what it is and realizing that the world itself is the problem; four antagonistic elements warring against each other forever and ever amen. Well… how and why I feel as I do doesn’t really matter.

Today, I’ve got some questions. One of the questions I have is… Why is the United States paying around 500 billion dollars interest on money that it owes if the money it owes is to banks? Since the banks are the cause of the problems to begin with and since America is giving trillions of dollars to the banks then… why are they paying interest? Shouldn’t the banks be paying interest? Are they getting the money from some special bank that hasn’t been affected by the present crisis? One of the things they teach you when you study to become a lawyer is to never ask a question that you don’t already know the answer to so… let’s assume I know the answer to this question and you can think about it.

Zippy Livni doesn’t want to form a government with Bennie Netanyahoo. We’re given the impression that this is because her party with Ehud Barak (no relation to the present U.S President) are a peace party looking for a two state solution and the Netanyahoo/Lieberman coalition is the party of war. Here’s what puzzles me. Livni’s government, under the direction of Skull Olmert, slaughtered a whole lot of Lebanese behind a false flag caper and then practically destroyed Gaza because of a certain amount of bottle rockets hitting into some stolen Palestinian land. This happened because Israel broke a cease fire by killing some Palestinians and then they went ahead and killed a whole lot more, mostly women and children. They bombed schools and hospitals and gunned people down in the streets; this and much more accomplished by the peace party.

What are we too expect from 9/11 Bennie and Mad Dog Lieberman? Here’s how it looks. With Zippy and the other Hellraiser pinheads, the Palestinians only get a little white phosphorus… a destroyed infrastructure and being used for target practice on odd days of the week with every other Sunday off. With Bennie and the Vets they get used for target practice 24/7 and everybody else gets flayed alive and crucified by the side of the road to Tel Aviv come next Hanukah and then on each of the eight days they set a different group on fire so it has a kind of ‘Spartacus celebrates Mardi Gras in Hell’ effect which will delight all the little Israelis and the Palestinians will just be happy to be playing a part in that.

My question is about the difference between these two groups of psychopaths; is it a matter of degree only? I don’t know if I’ll be able to hear your response over the noise of the bulldozers in East Jerusalem.

While we are on the subject of Israel, I’m wondering about all those holocaust films too, although I won’t be seeing any of them. I’m suspecting this is the reason. And thinking about the Gay/Jewish Mafia in Hollywood, it came as no surprise to see Harvey Milk being ‘the reader’ of “My Pet Goat of Mendes” pool side at Auschwitz. Of course, Kate Winslet was pretty clear about the motive for taking roles in holocaust films and she proved to be right. My question here is; where does a sane person go when this kind of shit passes for reality?

It appears that Obama is not going to put an end to torture. It appears that they’ll just close Gitmo and reopen it somewhere else. It appears that he is not going to end war; he’s going to relocate that too and while offering a small token to besieged homeowners and major cash to bottomless banks, we now have bankers complaining about the token being given to the homeowners. Obama is talking tough about Iran despite all the evidence about Iran to the contrary so… how is Obama different than Bush? Yes Obama can talk and sign death warrants at the same time, whereas Bush was limited to one or the other… so goes the empire.

Here’s another question I have. Now that we know that the Afghanistan war was all about getting the heroin trade back on it’s feet and now that we know that most of the nations engaged by proximity or presently performing the ongoing assault are engaged in it. Now that we know that many of the major banks were propping up their bottom line with huge influxes of drug money… why is nothing being done about any of it?

Well, some of you are frothing at the mouth about now because I have the temerity to say these things… never mind whether they are true or not and they damn well are… it’s that I’m saying it. That also begs the question of why the truth would bother anyone. Why is the truth so unwelcome? It’s because it can interfere with business as usual and it makes whoever may be sucking off of that tit uncomfortable because there’s an implication that they might be part of something wrong. Well… you are. You certainly are. I’m going to take it for granted from now on that anyone who might object to the truth is automatically someone hiding something wrong about themselves. It doesn’t matter what reasons you give. This is the real reason. I’ll allow that you might be clueless and stupid so you can pick that as an alternative option if you want to.

So it goes… on and on… so it goes… embarrassing questions and insufficient answers. Real answers require change. Didn’t I hear something about change recently? You’re going to get about the same amount of change as you’re getting from that big tax break. What’s that come to? I hear it’s something on the order of about $13. a week. Well whoop de doo!!! I expect you’ll be partying down now. Wiser heads may just invest that money in something and get ready to retire about a hundred years after they die.

I’ve got a lot more questions. I want to know where that new 9/11 commission is. I want to know how come the Main Stream Media has so little to say about how really bad things are going to get. I want to know what kind of a scam ‘they’ are cooking up to justify attacking Iran and I want to know if they know that means an attack on Russia too? I want to know and I don’t want to know and in most cases I already know. I may not know the details but I know the players and the intent.

The more this whole ugly business continues and the more outrageous the acts by those manipulating it continue, the more it looks like a movie. It looks like a movie whose purpose is to expose the actors. Every day it gets more absurd and every day it gets closer to the denouement. Armies of sleepwalkers and hypnotized subjects go about their business as if the dream or the spell were reality itself. The sleepwalkers can hear the sounds of the fire engine speeding to their burning house but in the dream it seems like something else. Those hypnotized have been told it is something else. One thing you may be sure of… it is going to prove to be something else.

You’ve probably got questions too and this would be a good time for you to let fly. We’re all ears here as opposed to ears of corn everywhere else (grin). Once again, the questions that everyone should be asking themselves is, “Who am I?” “What am I doing?” "Why am I doing it?" and “If I am in danger of losing everything; what would I most hate to lose?” The clock is ticking and time is not on your side.

While the President Makes War