Saturday, April 25, 2009

Clearing Out the Controlled Opposition

"9/11 was the start. It doesn’t matter at this point who was behind the attack on America and what the reasons were"


That is, in fact, the KEY to UNRAVELING EVERYTHING!!!

When you discover that the INSIDE JOB of 9/11 BENEFITED CERTAIN
FACTIONS or AGENDAS and realize ALL THAT HAS FLOWED from the LIES, nothing -- NOTHING! -- could be more important!

CREATED, FUNDED and DIRECTED from Tel Aviv, Washington, or London!!! Sorry, but it's the truth!!!!!

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Israel Admits It Carried Out 9/11 Attacks

"We Have Seen the Enemy...

by Timothy V. Gatto

March 19, 2009 "Information Clearing House" -- The United States continues to show its ignorance to the rest of the world by grouping everyone into friends, enemies, and potential friends or enemies. This translates loosely into categorizing the nations or cultures around the world into friend or foe. The worst part of this whole scenario is that many in this country actually believe all this rhetoric. We are a nation that has elevated national opinion into a fine art. In reality, we are a country that has a media that tells us how to think. It tells us what we like, what we approve of, what we despise and how we should act. We have become what we once hated. Politically correct Americans today have become the “plastic people” we criticized in the sixties and seventies.

This has made life easier. We can join the conversation around just about any water cooler and fit right in. We know what we can say safely and what opinions to keep to ourselves. We have developed an entire vocabulary that enables us to sound wise and learned while not really saying anything of consequence. We have come to the realization that the only people who have valid opinions are in the media. If it hasn’t been uttered in front of a camera or written about in a newspaper or magazine, it just isn’t a valid opinion and not fit for public discussion. We have changed from the most innovative and revolutionary nation on Earth from our beginnings, into a nation of that has perfected the art of “group-think”. We have perfected the art of acquiescence and learned the waypoints to the paths of least resistance, and we have done so willingly.

Americans have learned where to tune into current opinions. We have designated the spokesmen for the right, the left, and the vocabulary we need to mimic the same arguments we hear in the media, replete with the “buzzwords” and catch phrases. We have freed ourselves from the burden of having our own opinions and making our own decisions. Critical thinking is frowned upon in our schools and in our boardrooms. Thinking “outside the box” has become a metaphor for saying the same thing in a different way. Those that truly “think outside the box” will find themselves looking up the latest keywords to slip into their resumes.

How did a nation that took so much pride in lively debate and different opinions become a nation that questions the loyalty of people who have dared to disagree with the policymakers in Washington? When did political dissent become a reason to end up grounded at an airport because you found out at a most inconvenient time that your name had been mysteriously added to a “no-fly list”? When did the American government begin building FEMA camps and what exactly is their purpose? When did Congress become the rubber stamp for policies of reading the correspondence and listening in on the conversations of the American public?

9/11 was the start. It doesn’t matter at this point who was behind the attack on America and what the reasons were, the results of that day have been etched into the moral fabric of the American nation. "We have met the enemy... and he is us" ( )

Indeed! We have certainly met the enemy and he does appear to be us, who could have known that in 1951 such prophetic words would be written almost sixty years before they came to be the truth? Our society has become afraid of its own people. Who is the enemy? Why were the Patriot Acts, the Military Commissions Act of 2006, the expanded FISA laws, The John Warner Defense Act (that suspended Posse Comitatus) and all of the draconian attacks on our privacy and our freedoms enacted? Is the enemy of today so much more dangerous than the enemies that came before them? Exactly who ARE the enemies of today? How did it come to be that Congress was threatened with martial law if it didn’t pass the first bailout of the financial institutions? Is radical Islam the enemy? Are America’s enemies our own dissident citizens? Is our own government acting contrary to our own best interests? Are religions becoming political movements? What exactly is “Christian Zionism” and why are religious leaders praying for Armageddon? What is so wrong with the planet that the only solution to its problems is its destruction?

This nation is clearly at odds with itself. Are we working towards a society that stifles political diversity? Are we truly afraid of our own citizens? While the rest of the world gradually eases religion out of governmental policy, America seems to embrace religious extremes. We criticize Islamic religious fundamentalists; we accept Christian fundamentalists and support a Jewish State that denies the most basic freedoms to its citizens that are not Jewish while they support right wing Jewish leaders that become more radical in calling for the destruction of everything Palestinian with each passing day.
These are truly the times that try men’s souls by the discourse of the public. These problems exist but they are kept out of sight by a mainstream media that tries its best to ignore them. It won’t be too long before we realize that the freedoms we have fought for and respected are non-existent. We already need passports to travel to the Caribbean and laws are in place that will require passports to visit Canada and Mexico. The truth is that Mexico is swiftly becoming a failed State largely because of the American “War on Drugs” that has made drug trafficking such a lucrative business that it threatens the government that tries to enforce nearly impossible drug laws demanded by the United States.

Our “War on Dugs” our “Global War on Terror” and our meddling in other nations politics and our military bases in over 130 different countries have made America a nation to be feared. Meanwhile America can’t even come to terms with the problems that besiege it. We not only refuse to come to terms with our problems, we don’t even acknowledge them. The worldwide Depression has become the focal point of our government and the people; while we watch out freedoms we have enjoyed for so long come to an end.

We need to confront the all the situations that threaten the way we see ourselves. We have seen the enemy and he is us. We may not have started this assault on America, but through our silence and inaction we have encouraged our own demise. America could also become a failed State unless we face our greatest enemy; ourselves.


First step: 9/11 Truth, ding-dong!

The next item saddens me, and illustrates the need to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and DO YOUR OWN THINKING!!!

"Alex Jones' Largest Advertisers Are All JEWS!!!!!!...

Well, I'm 100% satisfied now that Alex Jones is in fact a shill for World Jewry AKA The NWO. There's no way in hell that unhappy Jews will be giving Jones any money - they've got to be happy Jews, which means that he's doing what they want him to do, which means he aint working for the good guys.

Jones may toss his readers/listeners a bone every now and again, but when it comes right down to the nut cutting, identifying those actually behind the New World Order, Jones will lie, cheat, distort, distract, and deceive, just as his masters want him to do. He'll point his readers/listeners toward a nonexistent and/or powerless boogeyman, i.e. freemasonry, the Black Pope, the Rotary Club, Catholics, Mormons, the Rockefellers, Nazis, KKK, etc... etc... ad infinitum. It's all bullshit, because the fact of the matter is, "It's the Jews Stupid!"

Below is information uncovered by an alert SFer. Thanks.

I just discovered that the president and owner of Alex Jones' largest advertizer is a Jew.

One of Alex Jones' biggest radio and website advertizers is a company called EcoloBlue Life & Energy. This company has live on air 10 minute radio commercials on Alex Jones' radio show, and also has a flash animation banner advertizement at the top right hand corner of the main page of Alex Jones' Prisonplanet website.

Here is the EcoloBlue Life & Energy website:

The president of EcoloBlue Life & Energy is a Jew named Henri-James Tieleman:

Mr. Henri-James Tieleman, the President of EcoloBlue Life & Energy, was a VIP guest at the Green Inaugural Ball in Washington D.C. on January 17th, 2009.

Here is his picture:

Oh man, I think I've stumbled into an Israeli spook operation or something.

Another one of Alex Jones' biggest website advertizers is a company called The Self Defense Company. This company has banner advertizements in several different places on the main page of Alex Jones' Prisonplanet website.

Here is the Self Defense Company website.

The CEO of The Self Defense Company is a Jew named Damian Ross. Can you say "Mossad"? I knew you could.

Master Instructor, Damian Ross CEO The Self Defense CompanyDamian Ross is master instructor and CEO of The Self Defense Company and developer of The Self Defense Training System. The Self Defense Company is a global organization of defensive-tactic instructors, civilian advisers, active and inactive military personnel, and law-enforcement officers dedicated to the education and training of crime prevention and conflict resolution.

Here is his picture:

Guess what? There's more.

Another one of Alex Jones' biggest advertizers is a company called eFoods Direct. This company advertizes on Alex Jones' radio show, and once every month has a live on air 10 minute radio commercial voiced by Alex Jones himself. It also has a large flash animation banner advertizement at the top of the main page of Alex Jones' Prisonplanet website.

Here is the eFoods Direct website:

The director of eFoods Direct/J. Michael Stevens Group is a Jew named Steve Shenk:

The J. Michael Stevens Group, with Steve Shenk as its director, has been the premier emergency and storable food organization for over 25 years.

Here is a video of Steve Shenk talking about food:

Here is his picture:

Oh, I'm not done yet.

Another one of Alex Jones' biggest radio advertizers is a company called Cal Ben Soap Company. This company advertizes on Alex Jones' radio show, and once every month has a live on air 10 minute radio commercial voiced by Alex Jones himself.Here is the Cal Ben Soap Company website:

The owner and spokesman of the Cal Ben Soap Company is a Jew named Marty Schachter:Alex also talks with Marty Schachter of Cal Ben SoapHere are two recent audio clips from Alex Jones' radio show where Alex does live on air 10 minute radio commercials for this company, with Marty Schachter calling in on the telephone:


I guess that explains why Alex never gets to close to