Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Inside the Fun House: The Truth is Not Welcome in Most Places

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"Greetings from the Starship Visible

Greetings to my friends from Earth; this is Starfleet Commander Visible and I’ve been transmitting in these recent times from the body-bot that my techs put together so that I could move among you and take in the sights and sounds of your present turmoil. Although I would suppose that I am human too, given my circumstances, in all honesty, I have to say, I don’t come from Earth and I know that some number of you don’t either because I have encountered you here and there in my travels.

It’s usually something about the eyes that tips me off and of course there’s the unmistakable vibrationary pulse which activates my sympathetic, translation center. It’s good that we can recognize each other and even better that ‘they’ can’t recognize us but, those of you who know what I’m talking about will know what I’m talking about.

In my last posting I tried to clarify a few things and from some of the responses I got via comments and emails, I would have to say that I didn’t do all that good a job of it. Some of you see all Jews as parasitical aliens and I would guess that some of you see members of other races, religions, color and cultures as being some sort of a collective threat as well. Some of you feel this way about Muslims. Some of you feel this way about Asians and some of you feel this way about the darker races, lighter races and, I guess there’s no end to that given how many of you there are.

Where I come from, reincarnation is a fact. We understand this process the way you understand binary math and the elements of whatever language you use. You take it for granted that you can add numbers and speak in a medium that is understood by others. For us, reincarnation is just as familiar and… I should add… so are a few other things that I won’t be getting into today.

According to the way ‘we’ understand it, everyone gets reborn, at some point along their impossibly long journey as; a man, a woman, a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, a black, a white, an Asian and possibly everything else too. A sure guarantee that you will be born into a particular schematic is due to how much you like, dislike or treat any one of them. You can think of life as a very complex school whose curriculum is directed toward ‘understanding’ and… there’s no better way to understand something than to become it.

A sure fire guarantee that you might be reborn as anything under the sun is directly connected to whether or not you abused that life form in the past. This is also part of ‘understanding’. Your state of bondage or freedom is determined by degrees of ignorance and your attraction for the material realm. The deeper you go into material attraction the more confined you are. The more detached you are from it, the freer you are. That’s just how it works.

Therefore… where I come from, it make no sense to hate any group of people because you are just going to wind up there in order to see why it’s not a good idea. We understand that, in any given period of time, there are going to be members of particular groups who are doing unpleasant things because they’ve attained to a particular, temporary supremacy in one area of life or another. As I said in my last post, in one period it was the imperial Romans. For a long time it was the Catholic Church. For a couple of centuries it was the English. These days it is primarily Israel and America. The oppressor is always the same but appears in a different presentation depending on the time and location of the appearance. At the moment, the Zionist Jews are the main source of dark doings on planet Earth but they are handily assisted by an assortment of fellow travelers who are not Zionist Jews.

The majority of Romans and Catholics, English and Jews were not engaged in the various acts of oppression. Most people are living their lives without the need to victimize their fellows and this needs to be understood because things get hot and heavy on a regular basis and when that happens there comes a certain madness in which mobs arise with the intention of wiping out all of the members of a particular group and the inherent problem with this is that the main troublemakers have already disappeared back into the wood work. You could say that it was their original intention that their fellows should take the blame. History gives you many clear examples of this.

If you’re going to be a part of the interstellar network of the understanding and awakened, you have to wake up and you have to understand. Where I come from, which is in the general area of Arcturus, we sorted this stuff out a long time ago. We know that if you set off on course to a particular place that you are going to get there. You’ve got a song called “Kansas City” where it says, “I might take a plane, I might take a train but if I have to walk I’m gonna get there all the same. Going to Kansas City, Kansas City here I come.”

See… if you set out for Kansas City you have to expect that you are going to arrive in Kansas City. Why is it …that people are always so surprised when that happens? Why should you be surprised if you beat your wife and wind up married to a guy just like yourself down the road? Why should you be surprised if you were a witchburner to find yourself accused of being a witch on down the road? Why should you be surprised if you lived like a cheap and selfish person to find that you arrived somewhere where everyone you ran into was just like you? That’s how it works.

I know that you probably don’t believe this. After all, you can’t see reincarnation can you? Even though Nature does it every year all through the year and even though all of the planets and stars follow predictable courses and even though everything you encounter gives you some indication of this, you just can’t get your head around it can you? Even though everyone says what goes around comes around, they still act as if it’s not going to come around… heh heh… Earth people are crazy and I have to keep that in mind all the time.

I realize that I’ve been called an anti-Semitic because I oppose what Israel and her sympathizers are up to and I realize that even though my criticisms are very specific and also on the money that I’m going to get that label regardless. However… there’s not much I can do about that but… ‘I’ will know whether it’s true or not and that is all that matters and the people at Reincarnation Central will also know.

I knew before I came here that telling the truth was going to get me into trouble. The truth is not welcome most places and when it interferes with ‘business’ as it often does well… truth had better watch it’s ass, so to speak. But… even though I can’t get my books published now and even though my musical career is doomed, I am not going to let such unimportant side issues cause me to judge any group of people at any place or time for the crimes of the few. Even though I and others will be labeled regardless and so it probably wouldn’t matter… it matters to me. Anyway… this is only going to last so long and then I’ll be on to something else …according to whatever I got up to here. Directly according to whatever I got up to while I was here.

This is not an enviable position at this time. On the one hand I’ve got people angry at me for saying anything at all because, no matter what time period you do it in, it’s always going to be a problem for you to criticize the master race and on the other hand, I’ve got people angry with me for not going far enough so that they think I’m too soft on the master race of the moment. Yeah, I know you can’t please everybody but sometimes you can’t please anybody.

I came here to do a specific thing and I can’t allow myself to become distracted by how other people think I should be doing it, especially when ‘they aren’t doing it’. I just can’t go contrary to my essential nature and what the evidence tells me is true… and in any case, I’m much more concerned about pissing off the people at Reincarnation Central than I am about pissing off you.

And we Could all be Free

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