Friday, April 10, 2009

Rocker Not to Return?

I really don't know, readers, because I had intended to return long before this. The simple fact is, I have been gone for so long and really don't know where to begin. Unfortunately, I found out I didn't like working 12-14 hours behind the computer all day long having to counter lies and propaganda all the time. When I stepped back from it and found I didn't need the aggravation, well....

Admittedly, I have been wasting my time on other things because of the schedule I set for myself (and other things) during my time off; however, that type of work is no longer appealing to me for several reasons. I'm simply tired of the unending stream of divisions, obfuscations, omissions and lies of AmeriKa's MSM, but more than that. I no longer care for the Zionist-indoctrinated, inculcated, and brainwashed society in which I live or its transmission belts called newspapers. I simply have gotten totally sick of "news," and the bullshit that comes along with it.

Hey, I'm still reading the blogs. That's part of the problem: you log on to the web and the agenda-pushing lies are laid so bare it will make your head spin. I usually start right here, and the plain facts are that I could pick up half his items, repost them, and that would be my whole day. I then branch out to several other select sites that I like. I don't want to prejudice people or play favorites here, so I won't drop any names. You can get a gist for where I go by looking at the blog list.

Anyway, I DON'T KNOW WHERE to START and I'm really just sick of it all. Why should I care, anyway? The AmeriKan people obviously don't. Whether it's this town or any other, they would rather keep their heads up their asses and hope the new shit-slime, slick-shit, shit-selling president will "change" things. After I worked so hard making sure the election wasn't stolen from him, something that was never a danger to begin with, I can't say I don't feel a sense of betrayal. Come on, America! The globalists picked him for this job, otherwise he wouldn't have gotten it.

Well, HE AIN'T CHANGING NOTHING, and IT SURE AS HELL AIN'T FOR YOU, AmeriKa!!!! You got SOLD a BILL of GOODS in a BLACK SKIN because you might as well call him Barack W. Bush! In fact, he TOPS THEM in his NOSE-RAMMING up the JEWISH ASS!!!!! Did this shitter ever say a word to Israel about what happened to Tristan Anderson? No, he's got his nose so far buried up Israel's ass that you couldn't hear him even if he did. That's one reason among so many as to why I now despise this president more than the last.

Look's like I'm not alone (results as of 9:50 edt, April 10, 2009):

Live Vote
If you were grading Barack Obama on his performance as president, what would he get? * 1972793 responses
He gets an A
He gets a B
He gets a C
He gets a D
He gets an F


That sure was a short honeymoon, such as it was. Of course, the Globe ignored this, too!

I know, I know, the NaZionists of Israel have this government -- and all western governments -- by the balls due to their threats and control of the money supply. Which is again why I really don't want to cover "news" anymore. I mean, I type it over and over and over again, but I really don't know if I can convey to you the absolute hatred I have for AmeriKa's MSM now. The agenda is advanced along every day, the American people obviously don't give a shit because they just don't want to hear it, or if they do, they believe in lies instead. Honestly, I'm tired of being ignored and dismissed by self-absorbed, self-centered AmeriKan assholes -- and those are people I consider my friends!!!

But it goes beyond the Zionist and their jewspaper bias toward Israel (another perfect example of how Jews control American institutions: Clark drops Holocaust scholar Yeah, right, free speech my ass. Not in Zionist-occupied AmeriKa).

NO MATTER WHAT ISSUE is presented to you by the lying MSM it is ALWAYS for an AGENDA-PUSHING REASON and why I OPPOSE IT no matter WHAT it is!! If you FIND IT MENTIONED in the NEWSPAPERS then it is NO GOOD!!! I can only think HOW MANY THINGS, PEOPLE, BLOGS, INFORMATION, that they IGNORE!!!!

Did you EVER SEE ANY 9/11 TRUTH in the PAPER? A report came out the other day that basically PROVES the controlled demolitions of the WTC towers, but DID YOU SEE THAT in their WAR-PROMOTING SHIT SHEETS?

No! Instead, we get the SAME LIES about IRAQ from BEFORE the WAR!!!!!

"The government blamed supporters of Saddam Hussein in league with


Actually, I'M WRONG THERE because the GLOBE is TANKING so you must be full-up!!!!

And do YOU KNOW how SICK I AM of hearing about Al-CIA-Duh?

Btw, this is how the name "Al-CIA-Duh" came about and who attacked the WTC, the first time.

Of course, we know what the "news business" is now, don't we?

Agenda-pushing, war-promoting.... yeah, they are telling the truth, right.

It is not only that, though! Honestly, I AM TIRED of ONE "CRISIS" after another being SHOVED at the American people so fast and furious. You barely have time to eat one log of shit before they are shoving another plate in front of you.

This is a perfect example:

"We don't want 12-year-olds having heart

So, BY ALL MEANS get them on the BIOTECH DRUGS because THAT'S WHAT this particular shit-sell is ALL ABOUT!!!!
But TRUST those STATIES that are telling you your KIDS are FAT!!!

Yup, they ONLY CARE ABOUT YOUR WELFARE -- which explains the LYING and LOOTING of the POPULATION, doesn't it? That's why we GUT SCHOOL BUDGETS so we can SEND TAXPAYER MONEY INTO CORPORATE COFFERS and SHIP the kids of to WARS based on LIES!!!!!!

Then there is one of the DUMBEST IDEAS I HAVE EVER HEARD:

"Global warming is so dire that the Obama administration is discussing radical technologies to cool Earth's air. John P. Holdren told the Associated Press in his first interview since being confirmed last month that the idea of geoengineering the climate is being discussed. One such extreme option includes shooting pollution particles into the upper atmosphere to reflect the sun's rays"

Yup, GOVERNMENT talking about ALTERING the WEATHER, but if you SAY THAT out here you are a "conspiracy" theorist (Btw, anybody hear a HAARP?)!

Please read Nuking Yellowstone National Park to Halt Global Warming for what a STOO-PID IDEA this is even IF GLOBAL WARMING where real -- which it is NOT if you follow the blogs and read what the EVIDENCE is suggesting!!!

Watch: Global Warming Meltdown

Or BETTER YET, just MONITOR YOUR LOCAL SURROUNDINGS!!!! This has been one of the COLDEST, MOST BRUTAL WINTERS on record and the SPRING TEMPERATURES have been BELOW-AVERAGE HERE for the past TWO WEEKS!! But does the PAPER ever PUBLICIZE THAT, other than deeply burying a shit sentence or two in one of their propaganda pieces?!!! Nope!

Anyway, all you've gotten here today is a rambling rant of an explanation for my absence. I feel I owe you that, readers and followers, because were it not for you, I would no longer be doing this. I've had it. I have no idea what you will find here in the coming days.


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