Thursday, September 18, 2008

The ZNN Money Team

"The CNN Money Team or "What is wrong with this picture?"

Wanna know what's going on behind those massive closed doors of the Federal Reserve , where people like Don KOHN, F. MISHKIN, Kevin WARSH and Randall KROSZNER serve on the Fed's Board of Governors and the Fed's HIgh Priest, Ben SHALOM BERNANKE meet to decide what they are going to do with and to, YOUR money?

Oh, and BTW, the Fed was previously led by Alan GREENSPAN.

Or what's the latest on the wholesale looting of personal assets out of Wall Street, via firms like the now bankrupt Bear Stearns, formerly run by Alan SCHWARTZ or AIG, formerly run by the GREENBERGS or Sandy WEILL, formerly of Citigroup are up to and what schemes they're hatching to separate you from your money?

Weill was largely responsible for tearing down the firewall between commercial banking and investment banking by getting Congress to toss overboard that firewall, known as the Glass-Steagall Act, which was the result of the 1930's Great Depression.

Weill has made immense sums of money since the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999, the very same law that allowed Wall Street buccaneers to go on an orgy of excess that is being played out today, both on Wall Street and Main Street.


Sandy Weill in all of his majestic glory

Where to find out this hard hitting news about the latest Wall Street shenanigans?

CNN, of course, with what they describe as their "Money Team," Allan CHERNOFF, Susan LISOVICZ or Josh LEVS

Chernoff, Lisovicz and Levs?

That gang is supposed to dig up the dirt on the 13th Tribe?

Get out of here.

Here's the solid advice they gave this morning:

Don't panic!

Don't move your money out of the stock market!!

Don't withdraw YOUR money out of the bank!!!

Not yet, since there's still some money out there the Tribe hasn't snatched and don't make it hard on yourself by trying to hide your hard earned cash.

They'll go easier on you if you make it easy on them.

Take it from CNN's Money Team.