Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Zionist Gig is Up

"Looks like the Zionist Gig is Up!

Hot damn! I thought I might not live to see the day. But, alas - it's happening sooner than I expected.

I mean it's been happening little by little over the past decade, but israelis really sped things up with their blunderous attack on Lebanon in 2006, which laid bare for all the world to see just how savage zionists are.

But, since then there appeared to be bit of a lull in public awareness of zionist crimes - until now.

Apparently, the world is indeed WIDE awake to their scheming...

First, Morales kicks out Bolivia's US ambassador Goldberg - no doubt a zionist.

Then, Chavez throws out Venezuela's US ambassador, no doubt another zionist (nobody gets into foreign service in this country unless they either serve zionist interests or don't stand in their way).

Honduras puts its US ambassador on hold; and

Finally, the UK's foreign secretary got thrashed by Russia's foreign minister, who literally told that zionist to fuck off.

If that's any indication of what zionists can expect from world leaders in the near future, then things are about to get very interesting around here.

In fact, look at this report from September 1st of an exchange between Chavez and Bush's drug czar John Walters:

Fuming over assertions by U.S. officials that cocaine smuggling through Venezuela has surged in recent years, President Hugo Chávez threatened the U.S. ambassador with expulsion Sunday.

Speaking on his Sunday television program, Chávez also called the Bush administration's drug czar, John Walters, "stupid," mocking him by breaking into English and asking, "Are you a donkey?" Going further, Chávez described the United States as hypocritical, calling it the largest producer of marijuana.


Is he a donkey? Probably, not.

But, I'll bet you a million bucks he's a zionist!

As I remarked in an earlier post, September 11, 2001 and the US invasion of Iraq marked the zenith of zionist power.

Since then, it's been downhill for zionists and I am happy to report that now we are witnessing their uncermonious and steep decline!

Let me be the first to say -

Ta-ta Zionists!

May you all burn in hell.