Monday, September 8, 2008

World War III in the Western Hemisphere: Bolivia

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Here is one of their agents, folks:

"Cuellar split with the central government last year"

"Bolivian leader's ally now harsh foe; Positions harden on constitution" by Patrick J. McDonnell, Los Angeles Times | September 8, 2008

SUCRE, Bolivia - Renowned as the cradle of Bolivian independence, this colonial town in the south-central highlands has become a front line in a new battle that is threatening to rip this South American nation asunder.

The pugnacious prefect, or governor, Savina Cuellar, a former livestock herder who proudly dons the broad-brimmed hat and billowing skirt that mark her indigenous origins, has become a symbol of the country's deep divisions.

Her peasant background inevitably evokes comparisons to the humble history of leftist President Evo Morales, the coca-leaf cultivator who in 2005 was elected Bolivia's first indigenous president.

But the two have become bitter adversaries. Their differences say much about the schisms of class, region, and ethnicity that some observers fear have left Bolivia on the verge of civil war. Five of Bolivia's nine governors, including Cuellar, are lined up against Morales and his controversial plans for a new constitution.

"Evo says there is a democracy, but what I see is a dictatorship," says Cuellar. "For me, Evo doesn't represent the indigenous people, because they're dying of hunger."

She defiantly rejects the class-warfare rhetoric of Morales, who accuses a US-backed, racist "oligarchy" of conspiring to topple his socialist vision of nationalizations, land reform, and Indian empowerment. "Evo is the racist: He is dividing Bolivia," Cuellar says.

Yeah, he is dividing Bolivia:

"In his victory speech, Morales eschewed his usual hard-line rhetoric and sought a conciliatory tone, even congratulating the opposition governors who survived the recall vote. He referred repeatedly to the "unity" of the Bolivian nation."

Yeah, I am god-damned sick of the Zionist MSM and their agenda-pushing lies!!!!

The government and its allies deride Cuellar as a sellout: a puppet of the right-wing, white, and mixed-race aristocracy that long has dominated Bolivia. The Morales government says it is the first to champion the country's indigenous majority, although others say most Bolivians are in fact of mestizo, or mixed-race, origins. Cuellar split with the central government last year.