Friday, September 12, 2008

Why I Did Not Post Today

I owe you that much of an explanation, for those who came here today expecting a run down of stories. One reason is because I'm NOT BUYING the Boston Globe every day (I never tire of saying that because I haven't bought a New York Times all year and visit their web site even less). And while I have read the blogs today, you can go to the right and see their fine work for yourselves (the fact that several 9/11 posts are below also has an impact; those should be read and exposed as much as possible), and there is no need for me to pick and patch because there is just too much -- try here and here first and see what you think. Lot of good information and analysis there.

But back to the Boston Globe and why I haven't bought it. Same drill today, up early, working on the
other site, and 6 am rolls around. So I peeked. I looked at the Boston Globe web site and said "would it be worth it?" Would it be worth a dollar to be told maddening lies and have shit shoveled down my throat? Would it be worth it to work myself into a lather of rage and profanity rebutting lie after lie after lie after half-truth while searching for the one kernel of corn in a 180-degrees-from-the-truth shit sheet?!! The answer, for the third day in a row was an EMPHATIC NO!!!!

The first item I noticed from the agenda-pushing crappers was this

"Troubling link in domestic violence cases
Immigrants account for a disturbingly high share of domestic violence deaths in Massachusetts, advocates say, raising fears that the nation's heated immigration debate is deterring abuse victims from seeking help.

Oh, so know if you are anti-illegal immigrant and for the rule of law, it is YOU who are responsible for domestic violence!!! Read the article. That's the implication.

Not the ILLEGALS WHO DID THE BEATING and KILLING, no, he's not responsible!! I'm sure they are just hard-working guys trying to put food on the table for their family. Notice how the Zionist-controlled MSM excuses that violence against women, but Allah help the Muslims and their wife-beating ways, huh? If THAT DOESN'T CONVINCE YOU of the racist, bised, agenda-pushing prism of AmeriKa's Zionist MSM, nothing will!!!! I mean, I get tired and angry over this divisive, shit-shoveling, agenda-pushing, Zionist-controlled, horseshit fucking media and that's why I didn't post today!!!

Oh, and if you thing I'm an independent of the Zionist agent and racist Lou Dobbs variety, the answer is NOPE!!! Nothing proves Lou's durability as a ZIONIST PUPPET as his divisive and racist rhetoric (despite the mass appeal) when he is constantly flogging the nationalist card of war (Iran and Russia), the spying by "enemy" China (while ignoring the Israeli spy ring), and LAST NIGHT, in Washington for Wolf's show, he was PROUDLY SINGING the PRAISES of SARAH PALIN!! That certainly makes sense seeing as his program is a hit piece against Obama nearly every night. And I'm not even going to debate the "differences" between Obama and McCain, because IF IT IS MSM NEWS then it is ALL SHIT FOOLEYS (Lou wouldn't be there if he was a true journalist and not a divisive agenda-pusher) an THAT is why I DID NOT POST TODAY!!!!

Here is another reason I did not post today

"The almanac's winter forecast is at odds with that of the National Weather Service, whose trends-based outlook calls for warmer-than-normal temperatures over much of the country.... the almanac was on target in the 2008 edition when it called for the Northeast and the Great Lakes to be hit with a long, cold winter with lots of snow."

Need I say

Yeah, I WILL BE BELIEVEING FARMERS now, and not some LYING, AGENDA-PUSHING BULLSHITTERS from the Zionist-controlled AmeriKan MSM!!!! We are talking WEATHER here!!!! If they WON'T TELL THE TRUTH about that, then they are LYING about everything in their agenda-pushing arsenal!!!

Nevertheless, the Boston Globe sees fit to run not only ANOTHER GLOBAL-WARMING FART-FUCK LIE, but with an INSULTING TWIST at the
end (from a bunch of liars about 9/11, Iraq, you name it)!!!! They keep saying Russia invaded Georgia even though everyone knows that's a lie.

Well, sorry, world, but FUCK YOU, BG and all the shitstink fucking press you bring with you!!!!!!

And THAT is why I DID NOT POST TODAY!!!!!!!!