Monday, September 22, 2008

Videos of Pakistan Attack

"Video: Truck flares, erupts violently at Islamabad Marriott A small explosion erupted inside a truck before the larger, deadly explosion that ripped through the Marriott Hotel in the Pakistani capital, according to security video released Sunday by Pakistani authorities.

"This is shaping up as a repeat of the OK City bombing, in which a truck filled with explosives is set off to point the finger of blame, and to cover up a much larger blast from another source." -- Webmaster of Wake the Flock Up

"Islamabad Marriot Hotal bomb blastCCTV Footage Marriott Hotel (CCTV Camara picture) The truck rams the gate, then there is a small explosion in the front seat, and the rear of the truck catches on fire. It is obvious that the truck is NOT the source of the 60 foot across, 30 foot deep crater or the destruction of the rest of the hotel.