Wednesday, September 17, 2008

USraelis Telling More War Lies

Please read Iran is NOT Building a Nuclear Bomb before starting on the Zionist propaganda.

"Case made against Iran on missile; UN agency sees nuclear intention" by George Jahn, Associated Press | September 17, 2008

VIENNA - The UN nuclear monitoring agency shared new photos and documents purporting to show that Iran tried to refit its main long-distance missile to carry a nuclear payload, said diplomats who attended the meeting yesterday.

Responding to the presentation to the 35-nation board of the International Atomic Energy Agency, a senior US envoy said the information was compelling evidence against the Islamic republic. His Iranian counterpart said the material shown was fabricated.

The presentation relied on photos and documents pertaining to what US intelligence says were Iranian efforts to work on nuclear weapons program up to 2003. After that year, according to a US intelligence estimate, Iran apparently stopped such activity.

Yeah, right, I'm going to believe some USraeli officials after all the lying.

The presentation "showed board members for the first time photographs and documents of work undertaken in Iran on the redesigning of the Shahab-3 missile to carry what would appear to be a nuclear weapon," said Gregory L. Schulte, the chief US representative to the atomic energy agency.

The Iranian envoy said the agency determined that the material shown could not verified. "We have given clear information . . . [on] why this material is fabricated," Ali Ashgar Soltanieh told reporters in separate comments.

A diplomat inside the meeting said the truth lay somewhere between the US and Iranian standpoints.

Oh, is that the ISRAELI LINE?!!

FUCK YOU, shit MSM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!