Thursday, September 4, 2008

U.S. Occupies Pakistan and Kills More Women and Children

Except we are already in Pakistan killing women and children.

U.S. Special Forces Active in Pakistan

"At least 20 killed in American attack in Pakistan; Operation was 1st by US on this soil" by Candace Rondeaux, Washington Post | September 4, 2008

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - At least 20 people were killed in northwest Pakistan yesterday after US and Afghan troops crossed from Afghanistan to pursue Taliban insurgents in an early-morning attack that marked the first known instance in which American forces conducted an operation on Pakistani soil since the war in Afghanistan began, according to witnesses and a Pakistani official.

One wonders how many "unknown" ones there are, and if the Zionist-controlled censors of the MSM would tell us.

The United States has conducted occasional air and artillery strikes against insurgents lodged across the border in Pakistani territory, and "hot pursuit" rules provide some room for US troops to maneuver in the midst of battle. But the arrival of three US helicopters in the village of Musa Nika, clearly inside the Pakistani border, drew a sharp response from Pakistani officials.

The MSM backflips are amazing, aren't they?

Many details of the incident remain unclear, including the number of ground troops and helicopters involved, and whether US troops were among those that left the helicopters and conducted a ground operation in the village.

According to Pakistani military and other sources, the attack began a little after 3 a.m. when three US Army helicopters carrying American and Afghan troops landed in Musa Nika in the tribal area of South Waziristan. According to a Pakistani security official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he is not authorized to speak publicly about the engagement, several of the troops then left the helicopters and launched a ground assault on three houses where Taliban fighters were believed to be hiding.

One of the homes belonged to a villager named Pao Jan Ahmedzai Wazir, a local tribesman, said Anwar Shah, a resident of a neighboring village. Several women and children who were inside Wazir's house and two other homes nearby were killed when US and Afghan troops opened fire on the buildings. "The situation there is very terrible. People are trying to take out the dead bodies," Shah said.

Then they sound like they got off the chopper, obfuscating assholes of the MSM!!!

Owais Ghani, governor of Pakistan's North-West Frontier province, immediately condemned the attack in Musa Nika, saying several women and children had been killed in the skirmish.

Try telling those whose loved ones were murdered that it was a "skirmish."


Let's try the blogs for more:

"US-led forces alleged involved in Pakistan attack

"At least 15 people, including women and children, were killed in an attack involving U.S.-led forces in a remote Pakistani village near the border with Afghanistan, intelligence officials and a witness said Wednesday.....

Habib Khan Wazir, an area resident, said the latest incident happened before dawn, shortly after an American helicopter landed in the village of Musa Nikow in South Waziristan.

He said as the owner of a home nearby came outside with his wife, the "American and Afghan soldiers starting firing." Khan said later the troops entered the house and killed seven other people, including women and children. He said the troops also killed six other residents."