Monday, September 15, 2008

The Troops That Are Not Supported

Until it is time for a DRAFT!!!!

Let's see, TRILLIONS for WARS and BILLIONS for BANKS and ISRAEL, and yet NOTHING -- nada, zero, zip -- for PEACE!!!!!

Why am I NOT SURPRISED in the LEAST, America!!!! Please tell your children you love them before Uncle Sam sends them to occupations based on false-flag, inside job lies!!!!!!

"Budget woes force Peace Corps to cut back" by Cynthia Dizikes, Los Angeles Times | September 15, 2008

Please see:
Senate Rushes Through $613 BILLION War Bill

WASHINGTON - The Peace Corps boasts that it's "the toughest job you'll ever love," but this year, just getting hired may be the toughest part.

At a time when both presidential candidates have pledged to promote and expand national service, the popular humanitarian assistance program that sends thousands of Americans abroad annually is now planning to cut 400 volunteer positions in the face of an unexpected multimillion-dollar budget shortfall.

Translation: There WILL BE a MILITARY DRAFT!!!!

With fewer spots, an increasing number of Peace Corps nominees who were expecting to begin service this fall have seen their deployments delayed at least until next year - and in some cases indefinitely.

I'll bet the SOLDIER SERVING in Iraq wishes he had THAT DEAL, huh?!

And if I ever hear the word "peace" pass any U.S. politicians lips, well, I think I'll GAS 'EM!!


"There are more people waiting this time than in years past," said Rosie Mauk, the Peace Corps' associate director of volunteer recruitment and selection.

"The recruiters don't like to tell people that there isn't a spot for them. To have to tell people that they have gotten to know - and they know are passionate about the Peace Corps - that there is just not room for them now is the most difficult part."

Jen Casto, like many aspiring Peace Corps volunteers, applied to the program during her senior year of college at the University of Virginia. Last October the Peace Corps nominated her to a secondary education program in sub-Saharan Africa, with an expected departure this month. "At the end of the interview, [my recruiter] said that I was definitely nominated and that she was going to find me a spot in Africa," Casto said.

Imagine the excitement the kid was feeling -- and how deflating the news must have been!!!

Just think how you are going to feel when McCain steals the election because of the Palin pfffffttt!!!

But last month, about six weeks before she was expecting to leave for 27 months of service, Casto received an e-mail informing her that her program was full. "There is just a sense of frustration," said Casto, who turned down several summer internship offers to prepare for deployment.

Ah, WHO CARES if the KID got fucked, huh?!!!!

The Peace Corps usually nominates twice as many people as it needs, so delays are not uncommon. Recruiters also make it clear that a nomination does not guarantee a formal invitation.

But this year, as the agency cuts volunteer positions to save money, a greater number of competitive applicants like Casto, who have spent considerable time and money to join the Peace Corps, are finding themselves sidelined at the last moment.



And here are MORE FUNDS CUT for PEACE!!!

It cost $30,000 to run the eight-week program, which was funded by Mellon Bank, Arlington Street Church, Church Home Society, and the Boston Foundation. To run it for the year, Rivera estimated, it would cost about $230,000."


"Funding dries up on effort to quiet gang violence" by Maria Cramer, Globe Staff | September 15, 2008

Funding has dried up for the program, known as Village Without Walls, and Talia Rivera said she is scrambling to find money to fund the endeavor for the year.

"When you're trying to do anything that's anti-violence, you have to reach those who are being violent," said Rivera, a thin 31-year-old mother of two, who is a network coordinator with the Black Ministerial Alliance.

Tell it to BUSH, CHENEY, and the GOD-DAMN GOVERNMENT first, will ya?!!!!

It cost $30,000 to run the eight-week program, which was funded by Mellon Bank, Arlington Street Church, Church Home Society, and the Boston Foundation. To run it for the year, Rivera estimated, it would cost about $230,000. But it is hard to convince potential funders to donate to a program that focuses on such a small group, she said.

Hey, they are not WAR LOOTERS, BANKS, ZIONIST ISRAELIS, or CORPORATE FAVORITES, so NO $$$$ from the government!!!!!!!!


Don't believe me about a draft?

Obama calls for US military mobilization

In remarks that clearly pointed toward the restoration of the military draft under an Obama administration, the Democratic candidate said Thursday night that his job as president would include demanding that the American people recognize an "obligation" for military service. "If we are going into war, then all of us go, not just some," Senator Barack Obama declared."