Saturday, September 20, 2008

Training Our Little Tykes in Totalitarianism

This is how we end up annihilating, imprisoning, and torturing innocent people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq, readers.

Looks like the U.S. is on its way to becoming the NEXT EAST GERMANY, huh?

Chalk up one more reason why this formerly unabashed lefty DESPISES STATE SCHOOLS and their BRAINWASHING!!! You are not getting "education" and "critical thinking" skills at school, Americans. No, no, you are getting a DIET of BRAINWASHING, agenda-pushing scitte!!!!!

"US schools pay classroom informants
by Adam Blenford
BBC News

When police armed response units pulled up at Scripps Ranch High School, it was bad news for the teenage boy carrying a replica machine gun around campus.

For the student who tipped off the police, though, things were looking up. Under an incentive scheme at Scripps Ranch, a large San Diego high school, students can call a special "tip line" - 888-580-TIPS - to report suspicious activity on campus.

Callers whose tips lead to arrests or charges can earn themselves rewards of up to $1,00 Law enforcement officials and school authorities sing the praises of the incentives schemes, which are in operation at about 2,000 US schools.

Predictably, some are concerned about the effect of injecting a cash incentive into students' everyday lives. At Scripps Ranch the authorities love Crime Stoppers.

School police officer Dan Palkovic told the BBC News website: "I actually think it instils a sense of community. Kids do know a lot more than us but a lot of the time they don't want to talk because they could be called a rat. Now they can make the call and remain anonymous."

A 10-strong team of armed police were on campus within minutes of the replica gun being spotted in the school on Tuesday, Mr Palkovic said. Within minutes the two boys were arrested. Their school has now recommended them for expulsion and they face criminal charges for bringing the weapon onto school grounds.

Even though one was a"replica?"

Large high schools in the US routinely have a serving police officer detailed to look after law enforcement issues on campus. Metal detectors and security camera were installed many years ago. "It's a little like airport security," said Kay Herting Wahl.


Fuck this country!

The sooner this government and nation is destroyed, the better off this world and planet will be!! I'm tired of fighting for you and yours, America, when it is obvious you don't give a shit!!

Sig Heil, Americans, sig-fucking-heil, assholes!!!!!!!!!!!!!