Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tapping Ted Stevens Telephone

Maybe voting for the Patriot Act and telecom immunity wasn't such a good thing, 'eh, Ted?

"Lawyers: FBI taped Stevens on phone

FBI agents taped more than 100 phone conversations involving Senator Ted Stevens as part of their public corruption investigation, Stevens's attorneys said yesterday. The FBI's trove of secretly recorded conversations has already been the highlight of trials in Alaska, but the size of its collection against Stevens has until now been unclear. The sometimes-graphic conversations between hard-drinking oil contractors and corrupt Alaska politicians helped the Justice Department send three state politicians to prison. The calls involving Stevens could be played in court later this month when the Senate's longest-serving Republican stands trial on charges of lying about hundreds of thousands of dollars in home renovations and other gifts he received from an oil contractor. The FBI did not tap Stevens's phone but did tap several phones belonging to contractors in the case (AP)."