Friday, September 5, 2008

Sarkozy Says Israel Immune From International Law

"The question is not whether it would be legitimate" -- Sarkozy, in comments broadcast on television."

Translation: Israel can do whatever the hell it damn pleases, huh?

Well, case closed on the NaZionist shitbags of Iz-ray-HELL, 'kay?

And is it just me, or does the deceptive headline imply an Iranian attack on Israel?

Who wrote this? Reuters? That explains it.

"Iran risks Israeli strike, French leader warns; Attack would be a 'catastrophe'" by Francois Murphy and Emmanuel Jarry, Reuters | September 5, 2008

DAMASCUS - French President Nicolas Sarkozy warned Iran yesterday it was taking a dangerous gamble in seeking to develop nuclear weapons because one day its archfoe Israel could strike.

So which day is it going to be, Nico?

Of course, never mind the LIE about Iran and nuclear weapons!!!!

"Iran would have to change the way the centrifuges are operating to enrich uranium to high, weapons-grade levels, something that would be difficult since the Natanz facility is under IAEA video surveillance."

See: AmeriKan MSM Admits Iran Not Building Bomb

You gotta love the blatant and outright lies of AmeriKa's Zionist-controlled MSM, don't you?

"One day, whatever the Israeli government, we could find one morning that Israel has struck," Sarkozy added.

Could be ANY DAY NOW from what I've read on the BLOGS!!!!

"The question is not whether it would be legitimate, whether it would be intelligent. What will we do at that moment? It would be a catastrophe. We must avoid that catastrophe," Sarkozy said in comments broadcast on television.

Then TELL THAT to your ZIONIST MASTERS, asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarkozy repeated his call on Iran to halt enrichment and said Tehran should accept stricter inspections by the UN nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Did you see abovem, readers?

So this prick French frog is a Zionist stooge, isn't he?

"If Iran continues enrichment, that is a problem. But IAEA checks should at least take place in a complete manner. Then good faith would be established," he said.

Not as long as asshole Iz-ray-HELL is involved!!!!!!!


For the record: FUCK ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!

The day that shitstink state disappears from the face of this earth will be a great day -- a GREAT DAY -- for this planet!!!!!!!!