Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sarah Palin's Dyslexia

No, no, no, MSM; Sarah has it right.

How long you think that senile, drooling old fossil will last?

Come on!!!

"Palin and McCain? It's the other way around, mate

WASHINGTON - The What and What administration?

Sarah Palin flipped the Republican presidential ticket around this week when she spoke about things the "Palin and McCain administration" would do in office.

The vice presidential candidate is the top draw at joint rallies with her boss, presidential nominee John McCain.

Palin made the comment at a rally Thursday in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, when she said she and McCain want to cut taxes for small business: "That's exactly what we're gonna do in a Palin and McCain administration." Later in her speech, she reverted to the normal order in speaking about the "McCain-Palin administration."

Palin also referred to McCain as "my running mate" yesterday in Green Bay, Wis., as she did twice in Iowa the day before. Vice presidential candidates are usually referred to as the running mates, no matter which one is speaking (AP)."