Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sarah the Barracuda: Ballerina in the Toilet

"Sarah the Barracuda; Ballerina in the Toilet

What shall we talk about today? Hurricanes? Ongoing preparations for upcoming voter fraud? Is Bush drinking again? Three and a half million people went to Google to ask about that… but no- let’s talk about Eskimo Cheesecake; Hurricane Sarah… a lot of people want to know about that and a lot of people don’t want to know about that and as you know, I like to please everyone.

In the interest of letting this entry be an opinion post, let’s dispense with the enormous amount of links that I could put into the copy. I’ll send you instead to that great news resource, What Really Happened. Here you can scroll to your hearts content and see some portion of what people are saying about the Barracuda. Let me squelch one rumor right off the bat. Sarah was not the model for the Nicole Kidman film, “To Die For.” The timeline isn’t right and her husband is still alive… for the moment.

I don’t want to parse the details of the tales that are swirling like toilet water headed South. But… to be crude; it’s a certainty that several someone’s took several dumps and then didn’t flush and now they are flushing like mad and we may be looking at a plumbing problem in the near future. It could threaten entire communities if a hurricane were to hit at the same time.

For the moment, ‘The Barracuda” is under a form of house arrest in terms of any and all media contact. This is supposed to last for two weeks but… who knows? What’s taking place during these two weeks is an aggressive Republican neo-con effort to eliminate evidence and intimidate potential witnesses. This is because there is a lot of ‘there’ there.

Let’s face it folks, there’s not just one scandal brewing. There’s a Kansas style tornado farm dancing across the plains like demented ballerinas; enormous dervishes pinging off one another in what may potentially be the biggest shit storm in a long time. And… if those tornadoes get anywhere near those toilets… you’re going to want to be maximizing your rain gear or better just stay inside; sort of like Sarah Palin at the moment.

There’s talk that she slept with a colleague of her husband and… right on time, that colleague is full on trying to get his divorce records sealed. Hmmm…that didn’t work out for him so far. What the heck, let’s throw you at least one link because it’s amusing, brief and informative.

Here in Santa’s dirty clothes bag we have got a whole lot of naughty laundry. We have suspect firings. We have financial excesses and mismanagement at the expense of the taxpayer. We’ve got a whole lot of people who are afraid to talk. We’ve got a suspicious baby of unknown origin and a multi-thousand mile flight after Palin’s water supposedly broke. We’ve got a serendipitous pregnancy of Palin’s daughter following along and we’ve got the family values crowd saying how brave and wonderful this family is in a unique turnabout from their usual position which is hypocrisy at its finest. There’s a lot more, people. There’s a lot more and if you explore the website I gave you at the beginning of this post you can see many things.

We know that the media, which is owned by those who have brought you all of your recent wars… we know they’re not going to tell you anything but… those execrable muckrakers at The National Enquirer are poised to tell you a whole lot of things that are not advantageous to the Palin candidacy… oh no… not at all. It may be time for the usual suspects to break out that Anthrax supply and head on down to the post office.

Apparently Sarah said, “So Sambo beat the bitch.” at an Alaskan restaurant. One of the things that also got said was that it was no surprise because everyone who isn’t a part of the native cultures talks like that in Alaska. Sounds like a fine place. Well, we know that most of America is not racist. Most of America has evolved beyond that. However, at the Republican Party and specifically in the offices and environs of their neo-con masters they most certainly are. They’re the bobbing heads behind the Rockefeller experiments in eugenics and they’re the real white power people.

It’s no surprise that the cameras at the RNC convention kept singling out the one lonely, dancing, black guy. It’s no surprise that the Republicans are most responsible for the free fall of the American economy and the rise of the police state in these last eight torturous years. At the very least… most of their leaders should be sent to jail, although public executions would not be inappropriate in some cases. These are the core racists of the American public. Their leaders are the manipulators of the fears of their extraordinarily willing acolytes who worship personal privilege, money, power, and the suppression of all rights other than their own.

The Democrats are a different kind of scum. Just as the Israelis do not represent the ordinary Jew any more than the Nazi’s represented the German people, the Republican and Democratic leadership do not represent the American people except for that portion that is stupid and venal enough to permit and endorse endless crimes against their own person and everyone else whose differences the leadership trumpets as reason for fear and negative action.

Look, people… there’s just too much swirling around Sarah Palin in that crowded toilet bowl. There’s far, far too much for some portion of it not to be true. My guess is that there’s a lot that going to stick. The good news is that people like this are accustomed to the smell. They find it to be a unique perfume. They’re like dogs that roll in roadside carcasses because they think it enhances their sex appeal. It does enhance their sex appeal when you’re in the business of attracting entities from the demonic realms so… that’s the good news.

The fact is that this randy vampire bat is not fit to be in any presidential administration outside of possibly a few of the former Soviet satellites’. If it weren’t for her companion bimba’s and bimbo’s in the media, juxtaposed with the terrifying ignorance of most of the American public this would be clear enough. It’s truly amazing… one day they’re selling you something they tell you is sweet and advising you against something they define as shit and you buy the one and run from the other. The next day they reverse the products and the claims and by day three you’ve eaten both and pronounced them both… tasty. God help you.

The last eight years stand as overwhelming, irrefutable evidence that no Republican should get anywhere near any position of power for a long, long time. The bad news is that the alternative is controlled by the same cadre of bankers and power brokers that ran the table last time. Still… the lesser of two evils… I think… maybe… hopeful? Man I wish Jessie Ventura was in play.

I predict they’re going to have to scrap Palin the same way Bush had to scrap Miers a few years ago. If they don’t there are two reasons why. One is that the fix is in and they’re this year’s Kerry campaign. The other is that through a combination of media force, voter fraud and public gullibility, along with a variety of strong arming modalities they bent the American people over the rail again. But… it’s early days. You may still get martial law. Or… unsuspected forces may materialize and change everything into something unrecognizable. We shall see.