Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Russia to Frustrate Georgia by Pulling Out

"Russia OK's conditional troop pullout from Georgia; Is assured that republics won't be attacked" by Megan K. Stack, Los Angeles Times | September 9, 2008

MOSCOW - Russia agreed to the withdrawal after receiving a security guarantee that Georgia would not attack the Russian-backed republics.

So when do the false-flag teams start shelling, Georgia?

French President Nicolas Sarkozy Sarkozy said: "Hardly anybody wants a confrontation between Europe and Russia."

Yeah, but we know SOME WHO DO, right, Dogshit Dick (and his Zionist masters)????

Skirmishes flared into full-blown war one month ago, when Georgia launched its military operation in the rebel province of South Ossetia, home to Russian peacekeeping troops and residents who carry Russian passports. The aggression drew the crushing wrath of Russia, which sent thousands of troops, tanks, and fighter jets to shatter Georgia's US-trained military.

Yup, the fucking shit MSM press can't say "invasion" when it comes to Georgia, and then try to imply that there were "skirmishes" beforehand -- in other words, Russia really invaded, shit-eating American public.

The fighting also was a stark reminder that Europe's thirst for Russian oil and gas and Russia's reliance on the European market lock the two into a codependence that overshadows even sharp ideological disputes.

Medvedev alluded vaguely to those differences yesterday, telling reporters that he still wasn't satisfied with the EU's response to Georgia's aggression in South Ossetia. Still, he said, the EU position was reasonable compared with "exotic and even extremist viewpoints calling for strange sanctions or other actions against Russia."

And WE KNOW WHOM THEY ARE, 'eh, Dogshit Dick (and his war looter buddies)?

The United States has taken the hardest line against Russia, pledging $1 billion to help Georgia rebuild and calling for reprisal against Russia.

Translation: The U.S. is the "exotic and even extremist viewpoints calling for strange sanctions or other actions."

Yup, pledged a BILLION to REBUILD GEORGIA while we get a TURD PILE in the hand back here!!!!