Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Pro-Tax Looters of Massachusetts

Notice how the Globe rarely brings up Question 1, readers, and when they do it is from the pro-tax side?

It is called AGENDA-PUSHING!!!

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"Coalition formed to fight repeal of Mass. income tax" by Stephanie Ebbert, Globe Staff | September 18, 2008

With tumbling financial giants, steep gas prices, and heightened economic worries, a union-funded coalition yesterday kicked off a tough campaign: asking Massachusetts voters to embrace the state income tax.

The Coalition for Our Communities was formed to fight a November ballot question that would end the 5.3 percent income tax. The ballot question, if approved, would save the average voter about $3,600 a year but eliminate about $12.7 billion in state funding.

See that? The scare tactics are written into the piece!!!

Of course, the state has MILLIONS of taxpayer $$$ to pass out to rich Hollywood folk, Wall Street, corporations, favored client, BANKS, and social services for the illegals, but they don't want to give you a tax cut, Mass. resident.

Opponents said that would hurt thousands of people - including seniors who rely on state-supported prescription programs; students already paying steep tuition and fees to attend state schools; and police, fire, and emergency service providers who could lose their jobs. Unions, social service providers, and small businesses say elimination of the tax would devastate state services.

What fucking services?!!!! Paying off banks because of the Big Dig?

You know, I AM TIRED of STATE LOOTERS claiming the mantle of all these programs in a LYING BID to keep their LOOT!!!!

I guess that would include Ms. Kelly A. Timilty of Dedham , too, huh?

"The annual pay for councilors, who meet once a week, is $26,000. She was chided in a recent issue of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly for attending fewer than half of the weekly council meetings over the past year, a post that annually pays her $26,000."

Yeah, that is VITAL SERVICES the state needs!!! It's called LOOTING, folks!!!!

Besides, even though the INCOME TAX REPEAL really stands a chance of passing this time -- save for the rigged voting and the politicians saying they will ignore the will of the voters anyway.

"leaders like House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi have suggested they would ignore the result even if voters approved the question."

There you go!!

"Liberal" Massachusetts' "democracy," Sig Heil!!!

You know, we TARRED and FEATHERED BRITS for this shit 200+ years ago RIGHT HERE in good, old Mass. jerk!!!!

The ballot question's champion, Carla Howell, said the state budget itself is "reckless."


"Our high taxes are reckless and are driving people out of the state, driving out jobs, and hurting families," said Howell, a Libertarian who ran for governor in 2002 and nearly succeeded with a similar ballot question that year. "We need to end the income tax to give back an average of $3,700 every year to 3,400,000 workers and taxpayers who desperately need it to pay their bills to avoid bankruptcy and home foreclosures and take care of their families."

Her committee, which ran a petition drive to put the question on the ballot, had less than $25,000 to fight for Question 1, according to it latest campaign finance reports. The opposition, just getting started, had $1.3 million, mostly from teacher and labor unions.

And that tells you where the MONEY and SPECIAL INTERESTS LIE!!!

Yup, it is unfortunate, but the TEACHERS and the UNIONS are LOOTERS, too!!!!!!

So let's see: Money matters when it is this campaign, but not when it is Ron Paul or Obama against McCain, or Question 2.

Yup. Damn right I'm sick of the lies!!!!

Opponents held their news conference yesterday outside Dorchester's Jeremiah E. Burke High School - newly renovated with improvements the campaign said would have been impossible without the income tax.

Called a PHOTO OP!


And this is in "liberal" Massachusetts!!!!

Asked how much the campaign would spend to fight Question 1, campaign manager Harris Gruman said, "As much as possible."

I hope you fucking fail, asshole!

I hope you WASTE THAT MONEY, even if the legislature denies the voters!!!

Then we can EAT YOU for LUNCH!!!!!