Friday, September 5, 2008

Potholes on the Highway

So where did all the $$$ go (see bottom of post for answer)?

"Transportation Dept. almost out of highway funds" by Joan Lowy, Associated Press Writer | September 5, 2008

WASHINGTON --The federal highway trust fund will run out of money this month, requiring delays in payments to states for transportation construction projects, Transportation Secretary Mary Peters said Friday.

The trust fund -- a federal account used to help pay for highway and bridge projects -- will run about $8.3 billion short by the end of September, Peters said during a conference call with reporters.

Somehow, "trust fund" and "government" seem to mix like oil and water to me.

The shortfall will mean short delays -- and in some cases a temporary reduction -- in payments to states for infrastructure projects the federal government has agreed to help finance.

Yeah, fuck your roads, Americans, but Soviet Georgia can get $1 BILLION from the U.S. to rearm its military!

Peters blamed the funding shortage on the high price of gasoline, which has prompted Americans to drive less.

So we are FUCKED EITHER WAY, huh?

Don't drive for environment and you take away the tax base!

This means less fuel has been purchased, and less gasoline taxes collected for the trust fund. Americans drove 50 billion fewer miles between November and June 2008 than during the same period a year earlier.

Why am I smelling bullshit, readers?

This the excuse they are using because Bush shipped every damn cent to Iraq or outside the country while lining war profiteer pockets?