Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Palin Has Foreign Policy Experience

Yeah, I am getting sick of the AmeriKan MSM taking her strap-on up the ass, folks.

"On trip to Canada, Palin advocated for pipeline" by Bryan Bender, Globe Staff | September 17, 2008

WASHINGTON - On her only visit to Canada, Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska traveled to Whitehorse, the capital of neighboring Yukon territory, where she advocated for a proposed oil pipeline and discussed mutual border concerns, according to public reports.

On the day trip in June 2007, Palin met with Yukon Premier Dennis Fentie to discuss the possible benefits to Canada from a new pipeline that will tap Alaska's Prudhoe Bay oil reserves, and both pledged to lobby to ensure that new American passport regulations would not hamper trade and tourism between Alaska and the adjacent Yukon.

Since Republican presidential candidate John McCain selected her as his running mate last month, Palin's foreign policy experience has drawn scrutiny, especially her overseas travel. She received her first passport in 2006 and traveled to Germany and Kuwait in July 2007 to visit troops from the Alaska National Guard. Her aides had said she also traveled to Iraq and Ireland on that trip, but later acknowledged those legs consisted of a brief visit to a border crossing and a refueling stop, respectively.


WTF is with the LIES, MSM?!

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Canada is the only other foreign country she has visited on official duties. Campaign officials have declined to provide details of a personal trip she took to Mexico.