Thursday, September 4, 2008

Occupation Iraq: Welcome the Russians!

"A greeting of solidarity with Russia:an open letter to the Russian leadership.

His Excellency President Medvedev,
His Excellency prime Minister Putin,

First and before all, I would like to transmit to you the best regards and the sincere greetings of the people of Iraq and its courageous vanguard, the Patriotic Iraqi Resistance, and its solidarity with you while confronting the US colonialist attempts to weaken Russia and encroach on its strategic interests. We the people of Iraq, the greatest victim of the US all through its criminal unprecedented history, after the genocide of more than 112 million red Indian, we declare without the slightest hesitation that we stand with you strongly against the NATO attempts to expand eastward, we are against establishing US strategic missiles in Russia' vital space in a preemptive attempt to prevent Russia from rising anew and as a plan to divide it, through backing the separatist elements in the Russian federation. Yes! It was the colonialist West and specially with the help of its puppets in Afghanistan, the Soviet Union, the force confronting the rabid US expansionism, was put to shreds.

Your preemptive step in Georgia is a formidable act from the strategic point of view in its timing, aims and tactics.. It will have global repercussions serving the liberation movements and peoples persecuted and bullied by the colonialist West. Considering that these events have a direct connection with the occupied Iraq and can affect the Iraqi Armed Revolution against the US colonialism..allow me Excellencies to expose the following very important observations:

1- The US' Achilles' heel is Iraq, and we beg you not to believe the US propaganda which claims that the Iraqi Resistance is winding down.. What has in reality backed down is the US and Iranian death squads and not the Iraqi Resistance. Thus the US colonialist project to have an absolute control over our planet can be buried in Iraq.

Only through backing the Patriotic Iraqi Resistance and strengthening its military capabilities, we can accelerate ending the US colonialism all over the world through tightening the rope around its neck in Iraq and defeat it to be unable to launch any other aggression and salvage humanity from its evil horrible deeds witnessed in Iraq. The humankind throughout history never witnessed a savagery and a ferocity greater than the US savagery and ferocity. So the key to defeat the US in the world and corner it into Russia providing support to the Iraqi resistance directly or indirectly.

The key to free the world by muzzling the US, requires the Russian involvement into Iraq battle. Combat the US outside your borders and away from your national security vital space, exactly the way the US fights you now outside its own frontiers in Ukraine, Georgia, Poland and elsewhere. Iraq today is an open US' battle field and we all must exploit this unprecedented historic opportunity to plunge the US even deeper in the Iraqi quagmire and to stop it from any freedom of movement (stabilizing it in military terms) rendering it a sitting duck and an easy target.

Here, in our beloved Iraq, and nowhere else in the world, we can defeat the US and finish off its mad and rabid colonialism. Forget about all the other struggles and concentrate on the battle of Iraq for it is the easiest and the cheapest. Don't lose this historical opportunity ready to seize for us and for you and humanity.. which saw the US killing machine never stopping unless being destroyed. The US has no principles, no ethics, it doesn't respect the law. The US is a ferocious beast devouring everything it founds or it can reach without hesitation! So the US understands only the language of force.

2- We are aware that this era is the era of interests and not the era of ideologies.. But we are also aware through experience that interests are bigger than ideologies.. Indeed! The Communist ideology collapsed in the Soviet Union, but the National Russian interests remained. In this context Russia, which is being attacked by the US and some European countries in order to divide it and making it a mere tail of the West, and wipe out its role as a super power, is forced to defend its interests through preventing the US from controlling the Russian national security and regional vital space, which is central Europe and use it to wipe out Russia' influence. The nature of this struggle requires from Russia to look for the widest possible support to stop the US from controlling the world as you said Mr. President Medvedev. Here allow me to ascertain to you that millions of the inhabitants of this planet are ready to strongly back Russia.

3- We are ware that the US capitalism, while suffering from its structural crisis and old age diseases and symptoms, is trying to compensate its internal impotency to find solutions for its crisis through invading the world and turn it into a huge intensive care unit to stop its decline. Thus, attempting to control the world and preventing any country to compete with the US, in technological and economical domains, is in the first place the right explanation of these crisis and it is not only a mere normal colonialist tendency.

Considering these facts, the US has only two choices: either to continue trying to colonize the world and with no exception to guarantee the needed resources, and to delay the collapse of the US capitalist regime, or to stop and accept a multipolar world. In this case the US will be degrading soon as as country less important than China, the European Union, Russia and even India in the coming 15 or 20 years.

This reality ascertains our belief that the US shall not stop from attempting to divide Russia and prevent it from a playing a major role in the world affairs. It is here exactly where simmers the international source of tensions concerning the birth or no of a multipolar world.

What we want to say in other terms, that any struggle with the US is a fatality we can't avoid and as it is a natural defensive act. It is not the fruit of an ideological thinking.

For these very reasons, we are like you, we are not partisans of a new cold war. Rather! We call for justice, and the respect of the peoples and the interests of the others, to get rid of the (Western centralization) which saw the light after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The relative justice in the world, will not be achieved unless there is a multipolar world, where Russia can play the role of a decision making super power.

Most honorable Excellencies Medvedev and Putin.

I am writing to your Excellencies as an Iraqi patriot and as a militant against the US colonialist occupation of Iraq. I do strongly believe that the friendship in between our two peoples based on mutual interests can be the fundamental force to prevent the world from being colonized, not because Iraq is a super power in the traditional terms but because the US wants to colonize it after invading it.. This has brought the US to Iraq and put our great Iraqi people in front of its responsibility to combat the US until the decisive victory. The battle of Iraq is growing and intensifying now following the stabilization of the balance in amongst the Iraqi Resistance ranks which determined their main force and nature.

We assert to you that defeating the US in Iraq is a reality which can be achieved and is the easiest and the cheapest of choices to muzzle the US.. It is the shortest cut in place and in time. Your experts can study this choice.. and I am sure they will opt for it. At that time providing support to the Iraqi resistance will be the choice which will give the humanity an opportunity to get rid of the tensions' source without enduring other world or regional wars. Supporting only the Iraqi Resistance to decisively end the battle of Iraq, is the fundamental guarantee to prevent a new cold war, and other military conflicts.

Last, I wish to mention here an old Arab proverb which says: "if you want to kill a viper, hit it on the head!" The morality of this proverb is that vipers, if hit on the tail will come soon to take revenge through their killer poison.. Georgia is the viper tail and not its head.. For these reasons, and surely the US and the NATO will come back with more hatred to plot against Russia in different ways following Russia clever strategic strike against the US in Georgia. Here we must remind that the US' viper head is in Iraq now.

We wish Russia every progress and every prosperity to replace the Soviet Union as a super power no one can ignore or encroach on its vital interests.