Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Occupation Iraq: Success is Failure

Can you mismanage military occupations any better?

All that success and we are leaving crap!


"US military returns control of Anbar to Iraqis; Hopes to shift 25,000 Marines to Afghanistan" by Amit R. Paley, Washington Post | September 2, 2008

Yeah, we need them for Afghanistan, that's why they are "trumpeting" this VICTORY!

See, Bush won Iraq, America!!!!

BAGHDAD - The US military handed the Iraqi government responsibility for security in Anbar Province yesterday, the former stronghold of the Sunni insurgency that has now become one of the safest areas in country.

The transfer of authority took place as US forces are hoping to shift many of the 25,000 Marines from Anbar to Afghanistan, which is seeing violence crest as security improves in Iraq.

US officials viewed the transfer as a sign of the success of the American effort and the growing strength of Iraqi security forces. But even as Iraqis celebrated the milestone, concerns lingered about a campaign by the Shi'ite-led central government to halt one of the key reasons Anbar has become safer: the Awakening Councils, groups of former Sunni insurgents who now cooperate with US troops.

Shi'ite officials have attacked the movement as illegitimate and have recently issued more than 650 arrest warrants for people in areas west of Baghdad to shut the movement down.

Abu Zakaria, an Awakening leader, said the move by the Iraqi Army could destroy the security gains in the province. "We don't want to see Al Qaeda come back but if this keeps happening we will be in serious danger of seeing an explosion of attacks," he said.

Yup, "Al-CIA-Duh" could come back!!

Are you sick of this regurgitated shit spew, America, or what?

In western Baghdad's Abu Ghraib district, members of the Awakening have fled their homes and their posts to avoid capture. Residents said that violence has recently spiked and members of the Sunni insurgent group Al Qaeda in Iraq have returned.

Ohhhhhhhhhh, they have RETURNED ALREADY, huh?

So much for the fucking surge success I guess!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, I HAVE HAD IT with the PROPAGANDA and LIES, folks!!!!!!!!!!