Thursday, September 4, 2008

No One is Safe

"Why if they can censor Curt Maynard, Nobody’s safe

by Curt Maynard

Well [Google company] has gone and done it again, they’ve shut down another one of my blogs. This time it was Curt Maynard’s blog, last time it was the Politically Correct Apostate.

I’m not surprised really, blogger and google have a well documented history of shutting down any dissent. I’m pretty sure the reason blogger [google] even offer free blogs is so that they can easily do exactly that, shut down blogs and bloggers they find to be politically incorrect - it’s all about controlling the opposition, just as it always has been.

I have many detractors, even among ideological allies. Many people find my views and commentary offensive. However, and all of us must realize this one simple fact, I have a right to my own opinions, just as I have a right to express them. The Zionist occupied government in the United States has not yet openly attempted to deprive the population of its First Amendment right to free speech, it hasn't had to, it can rely on various corporations like google to do their dirty work for them. But, rest assured, the time is fast approaching when the Zio-American government will follow in googles footsteps and begin suppressing the alternative media, it’s just a matter of time.

I have always prided myself on telling the truth, more often than not, I deliver that truth in a politically incorrect manner, I often use racial and ethnic epithets, for instance I frequently utilize the word “nigger” when everyone else uses the term “N word.” I do this because I’m an adult, when I need to urinate or defecate, I don’t tell anyone I need to do a number one or a number two. Truth is, I feel silly replacing the word “nigger” with “N word.”

I frequently refer to those of the Jewish faith as Jews as opposed to Jewish. I typically will tell my readers if some scoundrel or another is in fact a Jew, when the entire MSM and many alternative sites bury this uncomfortable fact. I refer to the Jews of the world as Jewry, and organized Jewry, while most other alternative sites and the entire MSM will either ignore the fact that they’re Jews or refer to them as Zionist Jews; how exactly they’ve determined whether or not said Jews are in fact Zionists beats the hell out of me.

As a rule I tend to refer to illegal aliens as “wetbacks,” just as the vast majority of Hispanic Americans from the Valley in Texas refer to them. The term “wetback” has only recently been made an “offensive” term, primarily because it identifies a group of people 20 million strong that have illegally crossed from Mexico into the United States, and the Zio-American government doesn’t want anyone detailing this fact, and wants those that insist on informing their fellow Americans labeled as racists in an effort to silence and discredit them. All the term wetback refers to is the fact that an illegal alien from Mexico generally needs to cross the Rio Grande river, and in the past anyway, this meant that they had to swim across, wetting their backs. Today, the vast majority of illegal aliens no longer need to swim across the river, the Zio-American government lets them in, and throws any border patrol agents that refuse to engage in this policy in prison, just as they did with Jose Alonso Compean and Ignacio Ramos, two American border patrol agents that shot a drug smuggling wetback in the line of duty and were arrested and imprisoned for it. They should have received medals, instead the “Zionist” Michael Chertoff and the Zio-American government imprisoned them.

Anyway, to get back to the most important aspect of this particular article, which is, “Why if they can censor Curt Maynard, Nobody’s safe,” let me say this. As a blogger I often come across stories, often sent to me by readers, that the national media intentionally ignores/suppresses in an effort to prevent you, the Internet surfer from learning about. The Zionist media has no problem preventing the average American from learning about these stories, because the average American rarely leaves a porn site long enough when on the net to look for news stories, and the average American tends to get their news from the Jewbox [television] which as most of us dissidents know is a Jewish Zionist monopoly. When I as a blogger pick up one of these stories and blog it with my own commentary which excises through all of the MSM’s extraneous and unimportant bullshit, the public gets the opportunity to see a small bit of the truth. When I do this, and because the MSM is actively ignoring the story, I tend to get “first dibs” when people “google” the story and/or the names of the various people associated with it.

For instance, whose going to detail and comment on an article highlighting the fact that incest is extremely common in Jamaica if not me? Who’s going to tell you about the fact that Tampa Bay’s black community is threatening to riotif a White cop is cleared in the shooting death of a black man if not me? Who’s going to tell you that Whites are moving their dead out of Detroit cemeteries for fear that their graves will be robbed just as they would in a third world country if not Curt Maynard? Who’s going to explore the disgusting phenomenon of the American whigger if not me? Who’s going to tell the American people about gangs of black teens in St Louis randomly attacking Whites at the train station if not Mr. Maynard? Who’s going to inform the Internet surfer that Georgian Defense Minister, Davit Kezerashvili, is a Zionist Jew unless I do it? Don’t get me wrong, websites like and do an excellent job of bringing their readers news, but they have to be concerned about certain things, that I as a blogger don’t. Presumably Jeff Rense and Mike Rivero make a living from their websites, whereas I have another way of making a living and am not reliant on Paypal believing that I’m politically correct enough to utilize their payment system - don’t laugh, Paypal has thrown around its weight innumerable times in the past, and there are in fact people reliant on their services that have lost their ability to collect donations via Paypal and it has negatively affected their lives and the lives of their families.

Who’s going to point out the ludicrous farce of Germany’s association of deaf people apologizing the deaf Jews, if not for me? I’m not easily surprised, but I’ve got to admit, this silly story surprises even me. I, along with a select few brought the Channon Christian/Chris Newsome story, where five blacks, including a black female kidnapped, tortured and hideously raped and murdered both boy and girl in Knoxville Tenn to light more than a year ago - if it wasn’t for bloggers, and info clearing sites like and, nobody would know about this hideous race murder today, because the MSM sure as hell didn’t cover it. Who’s going to bring you the actual; photo journal of a German soldier in the Ukraine during WWII that completely dispels the myth that the Germans believed and acted as if they were “supermen” towards the Ukrainian people if not Curt Maynard?

Who’s going to tell the Internet reader about the attempted abduction of a nine year old girl by an illegal alien if not me? Certainly NOT the MSM! Who’s going to inform the Internet surfer about Tremayne Durham, a man being held on a murder charge in Oregon, that agreed to plead guilty to murdering Adam Calbreath, in exchange for a bucket of KFC fried chicken if not Curt Maynard?

Who’s going to bring to light Dr. Tony Martin’s research on the Jewish role in the African slave trade if not me, or people like me?

It goes on and on folks, you may not like my delivery, but I tell the fucking truth and don‘t attempt to bury stories unlike the MSM. You may not like me personally, you may not like the fact that I use politically incorrect language, but by God I’ll tell you the truth and what is that worth today when faced with a an alternative propaganda machine known as the mainstream media, intent on destroying this country and leaving a legacy for YOUR children that includes only the prospect of fighting, killing, and dying for Zionism and its future aspirations?