Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mugabe Lives!

Two months ago the guy was the African Hitler, and now everything is fine?


"Mugabe, rival set to share power; Zimbabwe leaders sign agreement" by Celia W. Dugger and Alan Cowell, New York Times News Service | September 16, 2008

HARARE, Zimbabwe - Western diplomats were studying the text of the deal to see how power will be divided. Western nations are wary of pouring billions of dollars into Zimbabwe for its reconstruction unless they are convinced Tsvangirai has the authority he needs to change economic policies they believe have been calamitous for the country.

But they don't mind wasting $$$ in Iraq and Afghanistan by filling war-looter pockets!!!!

As for the economic system, it was WHAT the GLOBALISTS WANTED!! That's CHUTZPAH!!!!

Tsvangirai said it was time for Zimbabwe to open up to international donors - Britain and the United States among them - who were seeking to feed the multitude of hungry Zimbabweans.

My question is WHAT IS STOPPING THEM? Who cares who is in power? Why should that stop the benevolent, all-caring West from SAVING LIVES?!!

Then I thought of PALESTINE, and every thing became clear again!