Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Massachusetts Schools Leaving Children Behind

Why do we have no money for them when we have trillions for wars, billions for bank bailouts, billions for Israel, etc, etc, etc?

Teacher Josette Nicolas read the preschool class a story at the Castle Square School. New materials, including books, were bought with additional state funding for the school.
Teacher Josette Nicolas read the preschool class a story at the Castle Square School. New materials, including books, were bought with additional state funding for the school. (Bill Greene/Globe Staff)

Why? Because of lies we've been told?

"State slow to raise preschool access; Study cites funding, shift in priority" by James Vaznis, Globe Staff | September 9, 2008

The state's two-year effort to create universal access to preschool has so far provided more than 100 programs with new classroom materials, computers, or teacher bonuses but has done little to expand access, according to a report being released today.

Despite a waiting list of 4,400 children seeking state financial assistance to attend preschool, the state Department of Early Childhood Education and Care has instead chosen to bolster the academic rigor of existing programs before making them affordable to more children.

The approach follows national studies that have shown only high quality preschool programs adequately prepare children for kindergarten, according to Amy Kershaw, the department's acting commissioner. It's also a reflection of limited money: The Legislature has provided less than $24 million for the Universal Pre-K Pilot Program since funding began two years ago, while a full-scale program could cost $600 million.

Then why are MILLIONS of taxpayer $$$ for social services for the illegals and to pass out to rich Hollywood folk, Wall Street, corporations, favored client and BANKS?

Yup, once again, our kids get the shit end of the stick!

With preschool tuition in Massachusetts averaging $11,000 a year, the Bay State's programs are the fourth-most expensive in the country.

HOLY SHIT!! Who can afford that?!! TAXPAYERS?

The report being released today at a meeting of the state Board of Early Education and Care found that the approximately 130 providers participating in the pilot program said improving their teaching staff was their top priority. Roughly half of the grant funding has been used to train and retain teachers by raising salaries, providing incentives to those who earn bachelor's degrees, or giving bonuses to top-notch teachers. The grants, which ranged from $2,000 to $80,000, also have been used to buy classroom materials, such as magnifying glasses for science programs and computers for teachers, who now are using standardized software to track their students' progress.

How much does a magnifying glass cost for God's sake?

And you know what the problem with the software is, right?

DiMasi's favored client , that's what!!!!

Yup, the state can't accept all the kids, but they got $9 million to piss away so some legislatively-connected looter can get a state contract!!!!

Ah, better off anyway: the last place I want my kid is in a BRAINWASHING STATE SCHOOL!!!!

Keep 'em HOME, folks!!!!

Improving already strong programs costs less money than overhauling inadequate ones, which could take much more money than the state has committed.

Yeah, but if you repeal the income tax all hell will break loose!


Read on to see how the state of Massachusetts is LEAVING CHILDREN BEHIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That INCOME TAX REPEAL really stands a chance of passing this time -- save for the rigged voting and the politicians saying they will ignore the will of the voters anyway.

"leaders like House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi have suggested they would ignore the result even if voters approved the question."

There you go!!

"Liberal" Massachusetts' "democracy," Sig Heil!!!

You know, we TARRED and FEATHERED BRITS for this shit 200+ years ago RIGHT HERE in good, old Mass. jerk!!!!