Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lining Up at Logan for the Eye Scan

Forget you, AmeriKa! You are hopeless, sig heil!

"Delta to use Clear system to speed Logan screening

Verified Identity Pass Inc.'s Clear program, which speeds prescreened travelers through security checkpoints at participating airports, will debut at Logan International Airport's Terminal A this month, the company said. Clear gives travelers who pay $128 a year a high-tech ID card to verify their fingerprint or iris image at designated security kiosks. A Clear spokeswoman said Massport's long approval process has held up Clear's arrival, so instead Delta Air Lines is sponsoring the program at its terminal. A spokesman said he did not know if Massport had been considering Clear, but it will be interested in seeing how the program fares. More than 200,000 travelers nationwide have registered for Clear since the program began three years ago (Boston Globe)."