Monday, September 22, 2008

Jews Think Hatred and Racism Are Funny

Talk about my language!!!

This rank piece of feces beats me big-time!!!!

"Jewess Sarah Bernhart demonstrates her talmudic upbringing for D.C. jewish crowds

A fine example of jewish talmudic training is putting on a show at the Washington, D.C. jewish community center's Theater J thru September 29.

The show has been well received by the jews there - they love their Sandra, a picture of the type of beauty and grace the world has come to expect from the Chosen Ones!

"Sarah Silverman & Sandra Bernhart get away with racist filth

Meanwhile, Mel Gibson got "tarred' and feathered" by the media for a drunken rant about the Jews.

And these filthy khazar "comedians" get away with the filthiest language that mocks white race, quipping about rape like it's a throw-away joke?

I don't like Sarah Palin -- she's a ditzy liar -- but Sandra's hateful tirade indicates her mental illness as a contagious disease of Talmudic Jewry. Joking about Sarah Palin being gang-raped by black men? Despicable. This means she advocates black-on-white violence.

Talmudic Jews think this way because they are born hatefully vengeful towards "white race" of Western and Eastern European (except for Khazar tribe) stock. Sandra is no exception.

By the way, Jews control the pornography industry. No surprise. Watch the video below at 3:30 and see if you can spot the typical repugnant-looking exploiter of flesh.


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