Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Will Second That!

All him, no me:

"I for one an sick of politicians who feel that concealment from the public whose taxes pay for all is a divine right.

The issue over Trig is not about Trig nor even about Bristol, but about yet another politician that We The People cannot and should not trust. Our current Vice President came into office with secret energy task force meetings that apparently laid the foundations for a war, and is still fighting tooth and nail to tell the American people that it is none of their business what goes on inside the halls of power. The issue over whether Palin faked a pregnancy is not a question about the pregnancy; it is a question of the candidate's character.

And, setting aside the question of the pregnancy that may not have been (and the hypocrisy of a moral preaching that does not match a personal life) there is still the troopergate mess, which reveals a politician willing to use political power for personal vendetta. And that is something we DARE not allow into the Vice President's mansion. We have already seen a Vice President force the man he shot with a shotgun to apologize on TV. Palin os clearly more of the same.

Palin is on the ticket, and McCain is stuck with her. All Obama has to do is not make any mistakes, and he will be the next President." --Webmaster of Wake the Flock Up

"When the American people have the courage to make the cost of lies outweigh the benefits; when we have the strength to pry liars out of our public buildings and throw then into the streets hard enough to bounce twice in the most humiliating manner possible; when we chase the liars down those streets cheering at their coat of tar and feathers, then and only then will we have honest government.

And we will not have it one second before." --Webmaster of Wake the Flock Up