Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How About a Ham Sandwich?

Sickening! Disgusting!

I run out of words to describe the despicable cruelty!!!

"Video shows abuse of pigs; PETA filmed at farm that supplies Hormel" by Frederic J. Frommer, Associated Press | September 17, 2008

WASHINGTON - An undercover video shot at an Iowa pig farm shows workers hitting sows with metal rods, slamming piglets on a concrete floor and bragging about jamming rods up into sows' hindquarters.

On the video, obtained by The Associated Press, a supervisor tells an undercover investigator for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals that when he gets angry or a sow won't move, "I grab one of these rods and jam it in her [anus]."

The farm, outside of Bayard, Iowa, about 60 miles west of Des Moines, is a supplier to Hormel Foods of Austin, Minn. The video shows eight people directly abusing animals.

"Abuse on factory farms is the absolute norm, not the exception, and anyone eating factory-farmed meat is paying to support it," Friedrich said.

After getting a whistleblower complaint from someone inside the farm, PETA sent two undercover investigators to get hired at the farm and document its practices - one from June 10 to Sept. 8, and the other from July 23 to Sept. 11.

At one point on the video, an employee shouts to an investigator, "Hurt 'em! There's nobody works for PETA out here. You know who PETA is?"

The undercover PETA investigator replies that he's heard of the group.

"I hate them. These [expletives] deserve to be hurt. Hurt, I say!," the employee yells as he hits a sow with a metal rod. "Hurt! Hurt! Hurt! Hurt! . . . Take out your frustrations on 'em."

I think this guy should be given the same treatment.

What is truly sad is that is the same reaction that occupations breed in troops.

Bad enough we treat ourselves this way, but does the human race have to TORTURE ANIMALS?!!!!

First tears of the day, and they are for pigs!!!!

Maybe we should all convert to Islam, huh?

Records at the Greene County Assessor's Office show the property was owned by Natural Pork Production II LLP of Iowa until Aug. 18, and then was transferred to MowMar LLP of Fairmont, Minn.


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