Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Health and Education of Massachusetts

I'm really tired of the lying government and its MSM flaks!


"Marijuana group raises $219,000 for decriminalization; Foes of income tax repeal take in $1.5m" by Ray Henry, Associated Press | September 6, 2008

.... Meanwhile, the Coalition for Our Communities, which opposes a ballot question repealing the state income tax, raised just over $1.5 million between January and August, mostly from labor unions. The National Education Association donated $750,000.

"This reckless proposal is binding," coalition spokesman Stephen Crawford said, "and would have a devastating effect on important services every person in the state depends upon: safe roads and bridges, ambulance service that arrives in time, and classroom sizes that allow our kids to learn and become active members of our community."

If that is the case, why are the bridges and roads shit, the health care system shit, and as for the education spending: The Financiers of AmeriKan Ejerkashen

And you wonder why I am hitting the ceiling in rage?

The Committee for Small Government, which supports the repeal, had not posted its financial information by midevening yesterday.

Cutting the income tax would reduce by nearly 40 percent the amount of money Massachusetts takes in each year. Municipal leaders have said the proposal would cripple government, while supporters argue that taxpayers would save thousands of dollars per year.

Mayors have urged Governor Deval Patrick to campaign against the proposed income tax repeal.

"People hate paying taxes. . . . I understand that," Patrick said Thursday. "But I also think that we're going to have to start leveling with each other, that the services people say they want cost something."

Like what, Guv?

Millions of t
axpayer $$$ for social services for the illegals and to pass out to rich Hollywood folk, Wall Street, corporations, favored client and BANKS.

I DON'T WANT THOSE "services!"

But then again, what do you care, huh?

The governor is eating just fine, thank you!

Yup, while schools are closing and bridges falling apart, the guv is PARTYING in STYLE!!!!!


As for the pro-tax bias of the Boston Globe, see:
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"State could be sued, healthcare giant warns; Fears proposed rules will face federal action" by Kay Lazar, Globe Staff | September 6, 2008

Partners HealthCare, the state's largest private employer, is warning that Massachusetts may face a federal lawsuit if it proceeds with plans to raise the amount some companies must contribute to their workers' health insurance....

The healthcare giant's testimony stood out because it has long been a prime supporter of Massachusetts' landmark law.


I've never liked the law to begin with.

It has been a disaster from the start, despite the crowing by the state and MSM!

If they can't set up a system like Canada, England or France, then fuck 'em!!!