Monday, September 1, 2008

Gustav Glides Through Cuba While Hanna Heats Up

How come a poor country like Cuba weathers the storm with no deaths, while a rich country like AmeriKa is so incompetent and negligent?

Oh, I know the tv is telling us what a great job they are doing, but you think I believe them?

"With 212-mph gusts, storm hits Cuba" by Will Weissert, Associated Press | September 1, 2008

HAVANA - Hurricane Gustav smashed tens of thousands of homes, toppled trees and telephone poles, and washed out roads in Cuba, but no deaths were reported yesterday as the massive storm roared away from the island.

Gustav made a direct hit on the Isla de la Juventud south of the Cuban mainland as a powerful Category 4 hurricane on Saturday with screaming 140 miles per hour winds. It then passed across the country's western tip before heading into the Gulf of Mexico on a collision course with the southern United States.

The storm damaged or destroyed 86,000 homes and downed 80 electricity towers across the island, said Colonel Miguel Angel Puig, head of operations for Cuban civil defense. Gustav earlier killed 94 people by triggering floods and landslides in Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica.

Meanwhile yesterday, Tropical Storm Hanna swirled through open waters near the Turks and Caicos Islands and the Bahamas with sustained winds of 45 miles per hour.


Looks like the tv news should just stay there for the next round.

God sending Georgie out with a bit of a send-off, huh?

Maybe Georgie is hearing the wrong voices.