Saturday, September 20, 2008

Gates Craps in Czech Republic

If I were an ally, I'd tell Gates we'll just leave instead.

FUCK YOU, AmeriKa!!!!!!

"Gates says NATO must share cost; Expansion planned for Afghan Army" by Robert Burns, Associated Press | September 20, 2008

LONDON - Defense Secretary Robert Gates said yesterday at the conclusion of a NATO meeting that he had notified the allies that they will be expected to share the cost of a planned expansion of the Afghan national army.

Gates spoke with reporters after signing two agreements with his Czech counterpart. One laid out the legal basis for US troops to operate a missile tracking radar in the Czech Republic; the other was on strategic defense cooperation.

Yup, but this guy wants to keep the Russian flap under wraps. You got sold a BIG PILE of SHIT when you accepted this guy as a CHANGE from Rumsfeld, folks.

This shitter is still a Bush neo-con; you don't think I'm buying the bullshit in the papers about an administrative split, do you? From the lying newspapers that never stopped pushing an agenda?

Earlier yesterday, Gates participated in a NATO defense ministers meeting that focused on pushing forward with long-stalled plans to improve the alliance's ability to better use military forces. The talks produced no new agreements but were intended to pave the way for decisions next spring.

The defense chiefs also discussed the implications of Russia's armed incursion into Georgia in August. British Defense Secretary Des Browne said NATO has shown a "unity of purpose" in response to the Russian incursion, but the alliance has fallen into "bad habits" in trying to adapt its military forces to 21st century warfare.

"We are lacking sufficient capabilities in key areas" such as airlift that would make the forces of each NATO member more useful beyond its own borders, Browne said.

I thought it was a DEFENSIVE organization? Not any more, huh?