Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fed Facism Saves AIG

So THIS was a FRONT PAGE LIE, huh, Boston Globe?

Update: Bailout didn't help:

Then I spent the afternoon finishing up my posts while I heard the MSM hollering about the Dow dump, while all the while the crawl spoke of TERROR BOMBINGS in Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc, etc, and I got to thinking:

WHEN is the NEXT FALSE-FLAG OPERATION coming, and is it a NUKE in a U.S. CITY this time? Because CUI BONO?!?!

We have had this FINANCIAL COLLAPSE like a WTC TOWER (free-fall speed), and CUI BONO?!!


So BEWARE, America! BEWARE!!!

Oh, and to the MONSTERS who think they can DO IT AGAIN, well, WE WON'T BE FOOLED AGAIN!!!

9/11 was THE LAST TIME!!!!!

"Fed saves insurer with $85b loan; AIG was called too big to let fail" by Robert Gavin, Globe Staff | September 17, 2008

The Federal Reserve will bail out insurance giant American international Group Inc. with a loan of up to $85 billion, taking an 80 percent stake in the struggling company. The rescue deal comes just days after the government refused to save investment firm Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. from failure.

After they said they wouldn't!!!

Also see: “America is more Communist than China”

Unlike Lehman, analysts said, AIG, a $1 trillion company, was too deeply entangled in global markets and financial firms for the Fed to allow it to fail without putting the financial system at risk. The loan will have a 24-month term and is expected to be repaid by the sale of AIG assets. The federal government will have veto power over the payment of dividends to shareholders.

Are you catching the same WHIFF of FASCISM that I am?