Monday, September 15, 2008

Drugging the AmeriKan People to Death

No wonder I feel so fucked up all the time!

And the BG is suggesting we all drink the stuff!!!

"The Tappening Project, which
promotes tap water in the United States as clean, safe, and more eco-friendly than bottled water, launched a new ad campaign in May...."

Fuck you and your AGENDA-PUSHING SHIT, BG!!!

"Tons of drugs dumped in drinking water; Investigation finds discarded pharmaceuticals" by Jeff Donn, Associated Press | September 15, 2008

NEW YORK - US hospitals and long-term care facilities annually flush millions of pounds of unused pharmaceuticals down the drain, pumping contaminants into America's drinking water, according to an ongoing Associated Press investigation.

One thing is clear: The massive amount of pharmaceuticals being flushed by the health services industry is aggravating an emerging problem - the commonplace presence of minute concentrations of pharmaceuticals in the nation's drinking water supplies, affecting at least 46 million Americans.

Researchers are finding evidence that even extremely diluted concentrations of pharmaceutical residues harm fish, frogs, and other aquatic species in the wild. Also, researchers report that human cells fail to grow normally in the laboratory when exposed to trace concentrations of certain drugs.

Go ahead, DRINK UP, AmeriKan! Don't worry, it is safe!

No wonder AmeriKans are SO FUCKING STOO-PID!

We are being DRUGGED!!!!!

While most pharmaceutical waste is unmetabolized medicine that is flushed into sewers and waterways through human excretion, the AP examined institutional drug disposal and its dangers because unused drugs add another substantial dimension to the problem.

"Obviously, we're flushing them - which is not ideal," acknowledges Mary Ludlow at White Oak Pharmacy, a Spartanburg, S.C., firm that serves 15 nursing homes and assisted-living residences in the Carolinas.

Such facilities, along with hospitals and hospices, pose distinct challenges because they handle large quantities of powerful and toxic drugs - often more powerful and more toxic than the medications people use at home.

Tests of sewage from several hospitals in Paris and Oslo uncovered hormones, antibiotics, heart and skin medicines, and pain relievers. Hospital waste is particularly laden with both germs and antibiotics, says microbiologist Thomas Schwartz at Karlsruhe Research Center in Germany.

The mix is a scary one. In tests of wastewater retrieved near other European hospitals and one in Davis County, Utah, scientists were able to link drug dumping to virulent antibiotic-resistant germs and genetic mutations that may promote cancers, according to scientific studies.

Yup, but this government is LOOKING OUT FOR YOU, right?

Researchers have focused on cell-poisoning anticancer drugs and fluoroquinolone class antibiotics, like anthrax fighter ciprofloxacin. Most unused pharmaceuticals from healthcare facilities are dumped down sinks or toilets, usually without violating state or federal regulations.

Maybe those regulations need to be tightened up, huh?

The EPA is considering whether to impose the first national standard for how much drug waste may be released into waterways by the medical services industry, but Ben Grumbles, the EPA's top water administrator, says a decision won't be made until next year, at the earliest.

But they are PROTECTING YOU, huh, American?!

Yeah, tell me about "terrorists" again!!!!