Friday, September 12, 2008

The Democracy Now 9/11 Investigation

I don't believe in disrespecting victims; however, they would be better honored with the truth and the prosecution of the real criminals. But Amy Goodman does not do that, and we all know why.

I really can't put into words the level of betrayal I feel at the "left," those who pose as
false friends of truth. That is why I didn't really have sympathy about the arrests. When Democracy Now gets serious about 9/11 truth (the root of the current tyranny), covers Bishop Tutu in Palestine and the AIPAC conferences here I can't take them seriously. Yeah, they have some good shows, but only to a certain point. They never cross the false-flag line, and when did they ever mention Ron Paul? They acted as if he never existed!

What a shame that the "left" in AmeriKa is just another agenda-pushing, controlled opposition outfit. How thoroughly depressing.