Thursday, September 18, 2008

Corrupt State Senator Won't Go Quietly

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Democrats, Republicans, I say SACK 'EM ALL!!!!!

"Patrick's misplaced loyalty" by Joan Vennochi, Globe Columnist | September 18, 2008

VOTERS WHO OUSTED state Senator Dianne Wilkerson also sent a message to Governor Deval Patrick.

They still believe in change, even when he doesn't.

Wilkerson, a 15-year incumbent and the state's lone black senator, lost the Democratic primary to Sonia Chang-Diaz, a 30-year-old former schoolteacher. The margin of victory - 228 votes - was tighter than it should have been, given Wilkerson's history of personal and campaign finance woes.

That raises questions right there!

In 1997, Wilkerson pleaded guilty to failing to file tax returns for four years. She was sentenced to house arrest and sent to a halfway house for 30 days after twice breaking a court-ordered curfew. She once faced foreclosure proceedings on her home. Last month, she paid a $10,000 fine to the state attorney general's office after acknowledging campaign finance violations dating back to 2000.

Patrick backed her reelection bid anyway. Wilkerson was an early supporter of Patrick's gubernatorial campaign and helped lead a cause he cares about - keeping gay marriage legal and repealing a 1913 law that barred the state from marrying couples whose unions would not be recognized in their home states.

Pfffft!! Fuck gay marriage with ALL THE PROBLEMS WE HAVE!!!!!

"We made a decision to stick by someone who has been a friend . . . and fighting the fights with us," said Doug Rubin, the governor's chief of staff.

While HELPING HERSELF, too, huh?!!! Who cares that she is a CRIMINAL!!!!

Patrick challenged the status quo when he ran for governor and voters bought into it.

Sadly, I was one. NEVER AGAIN!!!!

Both Wilkerson and Chang-Diaz are equally progressive on the issues. But Chang-Diaz argued successfuly that voters should expect their legislators to demonstrate an equal commitment to ethics. Wilkerson was also disingenuous and obtuse when it came to explaining a series of personal and professional financial missteps.

But, the GUV BACKED HER anyway!!!!

Her unpaid federal income taxes were "personal" oversights. She blamed missed mortgage payments on an envelope that slipped behind a dresser. Missing campaign records might turn up in a recently located satchel. And so on.


Those wouldn't get you excused in middle school, never mind GOVERNMENT!!!!

A district that valued her voice over her messy finances continued to send her back to Beacon Hill. However, in 2006 Wilkerson was forced to run a sticker campaign for reelection after she failed to turn in the requisite number of valid signatures to appear on the ballot. Chang-Diaz almost beat her then and came back at her again.

I smell a RIG JOB then, too!!!!!

The Democratic establishment rallied around Wilkerson. Senate President Therese Murray campaigned with her. Patrick and Mayor Thomas M. Menino both recorded telephone messages of support.

Yup, just a CORRUPT as the REST!!!!

The embrace of a governor who promised reform was especially disappointing.


Patrick shows guts when he takes on police unions with a plan to use civilian flaggers on certain road construction projects. But, if he can say no to police details, he should also be able to say no to a sometimes ethically challenged senator.

Yeah, I notice the Globe likes to bash cops and fireman, but when it comes to corporate or elite crimes, they pretty much take a pass!!!

Instead, the governor introduced "the fabulous Dianne Wilkerson" when he signed the bill repealing the controversial 1913 law barring out-of-state gay couples from getting married in Massachusetts. At the bill-signing, Patrick said the repeal "affirms the democratic principle that all people come before the government as equals."


Yup, that is her big achievement -- an embarassment to Massachusetts!!!

Ironically, Wilkerson, a big champion of that democratic principle, supports a double standard for herself. The average citizen could never get away with the weak excuses Wilkerson offered up as an elected official.


Patrick's acceptance of a different standard for Wilkerson diminishes his claim as a reformer. He put personal loyalty ahead of good judgment. It happens all the time in the world of politics as usual. But, Patrick promised change.


Voters kept the promise for him when they voted Wilkerson out of office.


Not so fast, Ms. Vennochi

"Her primary win was not completely assured yesterday.... Wilkerson... was considering options to try to hold onto her seat.... mount a sticker or write-in campaign and run as an independent in November. "


I guess when you are ADDICTED to the PUBLIC TEET it is the WORST ADDICTION in the world -- even worse than money or drugs!!!!

And we all know how successful write-in campaigns are, huh?

Why do I smell another STOLEN ELECTION coming on?

"Chang-Diaz may find little comfort in razor-thin win" by Eric Moskowitz and Donovan Slack, Globe Staff | September 18, 2008

To the supporters congratulating Chang-Díaz, her stunning triumph Tuesday in the Democratic primary over Wilkerson seemed sure to lock up the seat. After all, her only opposition in the Nov. 4 general election comes from a Socialist Workers Party candidate.

But her primary win was not completely assured yesterday.

Wilkerson, the state's lone black senator and a 15-year incumbent, huddled with key advisers and was considering options to try to hold onto her seat. After losing by just 228 votes, 49.29 percent to 50.57 percent, she may call for a recount. To do so, she would need to gather signatures from 50 voters in each ward by Monday evening.

According to two people in the Wilkerson camp briefed on the situation, the senator may also mount a sticker or write-in campaign and run as an independent in November.

Chang-Díaz had been contacted by Governor Deval Patrick's political office about a Democratic unity event for the district. (Patrick, who, along with Mayor Thomas M. Menino, had made automated calls on Wilkerson's behalf, was one of the first to congratulate Chang-Díaz by phone after the primary.)

Yeah, I wouldn't be expecting any endorsements, Wilkerson!!

Looks like junking a corrupt, looting incumbent and supporting the first Hispanic woman for the state senate is a better deal!

Longtime political observers in Boston yesterday attributed Chang-Díaz's victory to multiple factors, including her well-organized campaign and her message for change, as well as Wilkerson's lax organization and the financial and ethical controversies that dogged her.

Talk about the DEFINITION of a CORRUPT SCUM!!!

Demographics also played a significant role in the district, redrawn in 2001 in a way that left Wilkerson vulnerable to a nonblack challenger. The new boundaries pushed the white voting-age population in the district up from 32 percent to 45 percent, while pushing the black voting-age population down from 44 percent to 27 percent, according to 2000 Census data.

On Tuesday, Chang-Díaz won 30 of 32 precincts in which the 2000 Census found that 50 percent or more of the voting-age residents were white; Wilkerson won all 23 precincts in which African-American residents formed a majority of the voting-age population.

You know what? I am not crying for the lying, looting parasite of state government!

Goodbye, Wilkerson!!!!

Chang-Díaz's disciplined message of change resonated with voters in a year in which both presidential candidates have tried to claim that mantle as well. Chang-Díaz had used the same approach two years ago, when she lost to Wilkerson by six percentage points.

This year, Chang-Díaz was still urging change. And Wilkerson remained in the news for campaign finance violations, reinforcing a history of troublesome financial issues.

Just last month, Wilkerson paid a $10,000 fine and acknowledged campaign finance violations dating back to 2000, relating to improper reimbursements of campaign contributions to herself and failure to report some contributions.

What did I tell you? LOOTER!!!!