Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Church of Palintology

"Video: Barking and behaving like mad dogs, welcome to the Church of Palintology

There's one crazy thing about a lot of crazy people...They don't know that they're crazy.

If these jokers had been around in the 17th Century, the first thing to happen is that the locals would have tossed them in jail, then the town elders would meet to decide whether that person was just plain nuts or possessed.

If they decided he/she was possessed, then it would have been to the stake for burning.

Palin's Brand of Religion is Way Scarier Than Jerry Falwell's

Simply saying that Palin is "an evangelical Christian" doesn't do her justice. She's part of the cult-like "Toronto Blessing/Brownsville Revival" movement that burst on the scene in the 1990s. This is the Pentecostal sect where people bark like dogs, flop on the floor like dying fish, and jerk about in epileptic fits. This movement is by-and-large synonymous with "Dominionism" or "Kingdow Now" theology, which says that this ilk of Christian is supposed to take over all the power centers in society before the Rapture occurs. One of the common prophecies uttered by this movement's leaders is that God "will make us the head and not the tail."

There are a lot of videos on YouTube about this movement and Palin's connection to it. Most evangelical Christians, even though they're politically conservative, are revolted by the Toronto Blessing movement. Make sure that every evangelical Christian you know sees these vids. For those who want to make a difference in swing states, I recommend approaching evangelical pastors (especially Baptists and other non-pentecostals) and showing them these vids and other material about Palin's involvement in the radical wing of the Assemblies of God. Palin is too extreme and lunatic even for most evangelicals, and they need to be made aware of the fact that she isn't simply "an evangelical Christian."


You know, I keep telling you Christian nutties to get yo' head out yo' ass.

Of course, there is always the possibility you already have and the agenda-pushing MSM isn't telling us. In that case, my humble apologies.