Thursday, September 4, 2008

Business' Labor Lobby

It is the U.S. GOVERNMENT and MSM, folks!

"Every daily newspaper has a business section, but none has a labour section. My European friends, this is no accident. No accident at

And you thought they were looking out for you, Americans?

"Strange twist for plaintiff in UBS case; Government makes unusual request in whistle-blower suit" by Beth Healy, Globe Staff | September 4, 2008

For investigators at the US Department of Labor, a whistle-blower lawsuit against the biggest offender in Wall Street's auction-rate market shutdown would seem to offer plenty of red meat.

But so far, the department appears to be giving the employer the benefit of the doubt.

Timothy Flynn is a stockbroker who sold auction-rate securities to numerous Massachusetts cities and towns on behalf of UBS Financial Services Inc. He sued UBS in July, alleging that the firm forced him out for cooperating with Massachusetts regulators investigating the firm. But what seemed a classic legal case has taken an unusual turn: Labor officials, who oversee whistle-blower cases, have asked Flynn to prove that his former employer is subject to a federal law that is meant to protect employees from retaliation.

Often, legal experts say, companies in UBS's position might raise this as a defense. But UBS did not raise this defense. Rather, the Labor Department raised it on UBS's behalf.


Other stories I might have posted, and why I didn't (other than being fed-up):

Fed's Rosengren sees more risks ahead

Who cares what some lying banker and MSM paper has to say?

Staples profit falls 16% as corporate clients tighten belts

Oh, boo-hoo for corporations! Besides, Staples still did fine with the PROFIT!!!

Airline industry sees $5.2b loss this year

Good! I hope they go totally bust; then maybe we can have an end to this tyranny!

Ford, GM sales tumble in August

"I don't think we've seen the worst," said John Casesa, managing partner of Casesa Shapiro Group in New York.

Buyers, sellers swarm secondhand shops

And that is a GOOD THING, according to the agenda-pushing MSM! So expect to eat crap, Americans!

Retailers cite lagging back-to-school sales

Like I give a flying fuck about corporations and their god-damn profits right now.

Go get it from the war looters and AIPAC, assholes!!!!

GMAC's mortgage unit to cut 5,000 jobs


Hear Jack London calling, America?

Crude drops; Gulf platforms OK