Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bush Happy About Hurricane

Sure is the way AP makes it sound:

"President hails response to the storm; Coordination 'a lot better' this time, he says" by Ben Feller, Associated Press | September 2, 2008

SAN ANTONIO - Relieved and upbeat, President Bush declared yesterday that the government had responded "a lot better" to Hurricane Gustav than it did to deadly Hurricane Katrina, which obliterated the Gulf Coast three years ago and damaged his administration's credibility for handling major crises.

Eager to show that officials had learned the tragic lessons of Katrina, Bush scrapped an opening-night speech at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul and flew instead to emergency command centers in Texas.

Bush, who left a hurricane briefing in Austin smiling, shaking hands with emergency workers, and posing for pictures. At each briefing Bush struck a cheerful tone, saying residents were successfully evacuated from the Gulf Coast, rescue supplies were in place and abundant, but that blame was not.

The image of Bush, standing with FEMA director David Paulison, shaking hands with emergency workers was that of a hands-on president in charge.


Yeah, he's been a great success and a real HANDS-ON, guy!!!

I'm so sick of this shit journalism!!!

They are going to tell us he did a great job on his way out the door after he has ruined this country!!!!

Of course, they haven't even rebuilt from Katrina yet, but he's a hands-on guy!!!