Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Boston Globe's Premature Ejaculation


Rabbi Emerita Emily Lipof of Ohabei Shalom Temple in Brookline, who performed the couple's wedding. "


Oh, and this is the reason I oppose gay adoption. You could see this coming a mile away from the
self-centered pricks!

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"A very public marriage ends in furor; Discord grew after gay couple profiled in series adopted a child" by Patricia Wen, Globe Staff | September 14, 2008

Two years into their marriage - a uniquely public affair, chronicled in depth in a Globe series - the two men had been euphoric when a single pregnant woman from New York City selected them to raise her baby. After she delivered a healthy boy on Sept. 11, 2006, the infant went into the arms of Eric Hyett and Joshua Glazer, who later jointly signed the adoption papers. Last fall, they moved the expanded Hyett-Glazer household to Manhattan.

But they ain't pushing an agenda or anything!!!!

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But soon thereafter, for reasons they still struggle to describe, their relationship imploded. Now the couple is locked in a custody battle over their adopted child, a battle that would take a bizarre and desperate turn.

The shattering of their family became fodder for New York tabloids which last month chronicled Hyett's decision, after a long-weekend visit with his son, to flee with him to Israel, triggering headlines calling him "Gay Dad 'Kidnapper'."

Public scrutiny

To many, the dramatic dissolution of this couple's relationship is a reminder of how often, and how quickly hostilities can be unleashed when marriages fail, particularly when control over young children is at stake.

Don't compare these guys to ALL MARRIAGES as if they are somehow ALL the SAME!!!!!!!!


But their story is more painful, perhaps, because they held themselves out as a devoted gay couple in a historic season, with an extraordinary commitment to love and communication. Few marriages of any kind begin with such intensity and promise - and high exposure.

Unreal!! Yeah, you heterosexuals are just doing marriage for, whatever!!

You don't LUUUUVVVV as much as the GAY CROWD -- especially if they are a COUPLE of JEWS!!!!!!!!!!


"They were so public in their marriage," said Rabbi Emerita Emily Lipof of Ohabei Shalom Temple in Brookline, who performed the couple's wedding.

And the Boston Globe shot a load over it!!!!

She said the annals of family disputes include countless examples of estranged spouses resorting to extreme - and illegal - actions out of emotional desperation. "This is just proof that gay and heterosexual couples are exactly the same," she said.

Uh, NO!!! No they ARE NOT!!!!

Yup, shovel, shovel, shovel!!!!

Child-rearing issues

The factors that contributed to the end of this relationship were, in many ways, the ordinary conflicts afflicting many marriages, according to interviews with Hyett and Glazer. Both identify the rigors of caring for a new baby as causing stress on their bond. Hyett, the breadwinner of the family, said Glazer was focusing only on the baby, and "he wasn't interested in doing anything for the household or for me."

Awww, look at the LITTLE SELF-CENTERED JEW-BITCH here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for helping to DESTROY the AMERICAN FAMILY UNIT, agenda-pushing crappers!!!!!!!!!!!

Hyett said his decision to take his son to Israel was motivated largely by the hope that it would trigger direct communication between him and Glazer. He informed Glazer of the plan after the fact, through an e-mail sent on Aug. 5, and hoped it would cause him to pick up the phone.

"This is to inform you that [our son] will not be returning to New York today," Hyett wrote in the e-mail. "He and I have safely and legally arrived in the State of Israel, where we plan to remain in accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child as well as Article 13 of the Hague Convention."

Israel hiding behind the U.N and international law?!!

What CHUTZPAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The e-mail contained a special Israeli cellphone number to reach Hyett. Looking back, Hyett said, he hoped that a different jurisdiction - in this case, Israel - might change the trend against him in their child custody battle.

Need I even say it?

Son is doing well

Glazer, a former wedding planner, who lives in his parents' Upper East Side two-bedroom apartment with the boy, said the child is thriving, despite the upheaval from last month. He said the boy has exhibited some "separation anxiety" issues, which he thinks may be related to being whisked to Israel by Hyett, but the boy is otherwise doing well.


Yeah, everything ends up swell.


And I would like to know what kind of mother (Jewish?) gives up her baby to a COUPLE of GAY, SELF-CENTERED PRICKS?!!!!

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