Saturday, September 20, 2008

Boston Globe Name-Dropping

With commentaries:

"In support of social justice

It was a quintessential Cambridge night last night, as Howard Zinn joined retired Rindge and Latin School history teacher Larry Aaronson and Lesley University professor Nancy Carlsson-Paige, a.k.a. Matt Damon's mom, at a fund-raiser for Social Justice Works! The event was held at Hotel Marlowe. Zinn showed clips from "The People Speak," the Chris Moore and Damon-produced film based on readings from his famous text. Rindge alums Fanshen Cox Emilio Flores, and Justin Lynch received grants for their ongoing social justice work. (Cox started a multicultural film fest in LA, and Flores and Lynch are working with South End teens to build a playground and center.) Aaronson said he wants to support former students who are out doing good in the world. "It just overwhelms me, how many of these kids are out there working in the high schools, the police departments, in public law," he said. Damon, an honorary event chair, wanted to be with them last night, but he's been busy with relief efforts in Haiti, said Aaronson, his former teacher. "That's what these kids do."

I used to respect Zinn quite a bit, but not anymore.

9/11 and AmeriKan Leftists and ZinnFest!

I'm tired of controlled opposition lefties that never say anything.

And how come this is the only place in the paper where poor Haiti is even mentioned?

"Lobel back on the air

It didn't take veteran sports anchor Bob Lobel long to find his way back to the airwaves. But his new gig is a shocker - guest hosting with Karen Blake on Oldies 103.3 FM. Lobel, who left WBZ-TV (Channel 4) in April as part of a workforce reduction, will start Monday, bright and early in the 6 a.m. slot."

I posted this item because I've grown up with the legend Lobel.
Nothing is sacred anymore, readers. I'll tell you one thing: I never watch Sports Final anymore; got that, WBZ?

"A-Rod, wife OK divorce

It's over for A-Rod and his wife of more than five years. New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez and Cynthia Rodriguez have reached a divorce settlement, according to their lawyers. The terms weren't disclosed, but a statement approved by both sides calls the split amicable and says concern centered on the best interests of their two young daughters. Cynthia Rodriguez filed for divorce in July, claiming that her husband was repeatedly unfaithful. There were rumors of a romance with Madonna, which the pop star and A-Rod denied (AP)."

Also see: A-Rod's Ten-Foot Pole. That ought to cover any questions you have on my feelings over this matter.

"New Oprah club book

Oprah Winfrey announced yesterday she'd chosen David Wroblewski's "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle" as her latest book club pick, calling the debut novel a classic and the "best novel I've read in a long, long, long time." Winfrey raved for several minutes about the novel, comparing it to the work of John Steinbeck and Harper Lee (AP)."

Is this book
full of lies, too, Oprah?

How come you don't review or select The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11?

Another reason I don't respect Orah at all:
Remember Oprah going down the throat of the young lady who questioned George W. Bush's and the government's integrity regarding the accusations against Iraq?

A clip from a clip from Bill Moyers’s “Buying the War”:

Besides, I was never very impressed with her book selections to begin with. The choices sucked; I know, because I read one.