Monday, September 15, 2008

The Boston Globe Discovers Dual Nationals

The OMISSION speaks louder than ANY PRINT, readers!!!!

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Then see if you can find any mention of DUAL ISRAELI NATIONALS in the Zionist-controlled newspaper article.

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"Dual citizens struggle with loyalties; Benefits cited, but trend stirs unease for many" by Teresa Watanabe, Los Angeles Times | September 15, 2008

LOS ANGELES - Salvador Gomez Gochez was 25 when he came to Los Angeles with $3 in his pocket and painful memories of his Salvadoran homeland torn apart by repression and war.

Working his way up from a parking lot attendant to a manager, he learned English, bought a home, volunteered for a Salvadoran community organization and became a US citizen, grateful to the country he says saved his life.

But Gomez Gochez, now 54, also retained his Salvadoran citizenship. Now, as a dual citizen, he has made the dramatic decision to return to his impoverished hometown in El Salvador and run for mayor after nearly three decades away.

His hope: to revive his town's agricultural base with his US contacts and empower the villagers with US practices of participatory democracy.

"America is the country that gave me the opportunity to be alive, and I'll be loyal to it until the end of my life," said Gomez Gochez in a phone interview from his home in Atiquizaya, a bedroom community of 52,000 about 50 miles west of San Salvador, the capital. "But I also want to give something back to my hometown. I want to teach them about the US political process and how we as US citizens use our rights, respect the Constitution, and participate in the democratic process."

As international business, travel, and communications explode, a growing number of nations are allowing dual citizenship, and more immigrants are claiming it.

Some, like Gomez Gochez, aim to use their bilingual and bicultural experiences to infuse their homelands with US values and strengthen bonds between countries.

Others cite personal benefits, such as easier travel and better business opportunities. At a US citizenship ceremony last month in Los Angeles, Ben Raposas, 38, a nurse, said he would apply for dual citizenship from his native Philippines to save tax dollars, have wider job choices and retain the right to return and retire.

As an American, he said, it will be easier to get visas to travel and qualify for more jobs.

But the trend is also stirring some unease. Some argue that dual citizenship weakens a person's commitment to the United States, threatens a common national identity and violates the oath of allegiance taken by every naturalized citizen to "absolutely and entirely renounce" fidelity to any foreign government. A person cannot be loyal to two countries any more than to two spouses or two religions, critics say.

Yeah, tell us about it here in the states (Israel, 9/11, and dual nationals)!!!!

"For me, the idea of being American means your primary attachment is to the United States and not your country of origin," said Stanley A. Renshon, a political science professor at City University of New York Graduate Center.

"The harm that comes from dual citizenship reflects the question of which identity will be primary."

They don't call the traitors ISRAELI-FIRSTERS for nothing!!!!

Although the US government does not keep statistics on dual citizens, some studies suggest that the number is large and growing. A 2007 study by Florida and Chicago researchers estimated that 77 percent of first-generation Latino immigrants who are US citizens have dual citizenship.

Renshon estimated that more than 90 percent of immigrants from the top 20 sending nations between 1994 and 2002 who are naturalized US citizens have dual citizenship.

More than 150 nations allow some form of multiple citizenship, including Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and France, Renshon said.

The number has particularly increased in the last 15 years in Europe and Latin America.

The US government does not require a person to renounce the former country when becoming a citizen. But it does not recognize or encourage dual citizenship because of the problems it could create over potentially conflicting obligations for military service and the like, said Chris Bentley of the US Citizenship and Immigration Service.


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