Sunday, September 7, 2008

AmeriKa Now Exporting Immigrants

Then this economy must really be dog crap!!!

"Day laborers go home as work in US dries up" by Anna Gorman, Los Angeles Times | September 7, 2008

LOS ANGELES - For more than two years, Otoniel Lopez Cortez arrived at the day labor center before 6:30 a.m. to wait for jobs painting houses. Some weeks he earned a few hundred dollars, enough to pay his rent and bills and send money home to Guatemala.

But they build our economy, or so the papers constantly tell us.

But after four months with only one day of work, Lopez made the decision this month to return to his native country. "I don't want to go back, but there is no work," said Lopez, 18. "It's better to be with my family, even though we don't have much."

With the ongoing economic downturn and the collapse of the construction industry, day laborers in California are feeling the effects. Some immigrant workers are choosing to go home rather than wait for a rebound.

Why not? That's where their houses are.

Many unemployed construction workers, including citizens and legal residents, have turned to hiring halls for work, creating more competition for daily jobs, said Abel Valenzuela, a UCLA professor who has researched day laborers across the nation. There are also fewer jobs available for day workers, as Californians have less disposable income for moving, remodeling, painting, and landscaping.

Notice how the agenda-pushing, pro-illegal immigration MSM steers clear of those designations? But you are getting the truth from them, yes sir!!!!

The economy, along with increased border enforcement, may also be discouraging some migrants from coming to the United States.

Of course, KNOWING THAT WORKS doesn't appeal to the MSM, so they say it in a sentence and then MOVE ALONG!!! Part of a disturbing pattern!

Central American Resource Center Director Jeronimo Salguero said Lopez's departure was sad but not surprising. Given the choice between suffering in your own country or in another, he said, you might as well eat beans and be with your family.


What do you mean the illegals are suffering here?

This is AmeriKa, where everyone is happy and free, etc, etc, etc.