Wednesday, September 17, 2008

America is More Communist Than China

"“America is more Communist than China”

"America is more communist than China, right now. You can at least have a free market in housing and a lot of other things in China.

[T]his is welfare for the rich, this is socialism for the rich. It's bailing out the financiers, the banks, the Wall Streeters.

It's not bailing out the home-owners who are in trouble, btw. It's not bailing out people who want a mortgage. It's just bailing out financial institutions."

--Jim Rogers, on CNBC

Bush suddenly scraps comments on financial markets

Bush was scheduled to make comments to a pool of reporters after huddling with a key financial working group led by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. Its members include Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and other key government figures in the field of commerce.

Yet after the session began, the White House told the media to never mind.

* * *

After the session, White House press secretary Dana Perino offered a one-sentence description of the session. She confirmed that Bush had been briefed by his working group on financial markets and said he appreciated their work to "stabilize the markets."

Several hours later, in a bid to save the economy from further meltdown, the government announced it would provide an emergency loan of $85 billion to rescue insurance giant American International Group. The Federal Reserve said in a statement it determined that a disorderly failure of AIG could hurt the already delicate financial markets and the economy.

CORPORATE WELFARE: Federal Reserve once again screw taxpayers over to bail out AIG and other collapsing corporations

See also, Jeb Bush was one of Lehman's "advisors"

"If there are 300 million people in the United States, and the Fed has given Maurice Greenberg's AIG $85 billion, that's $283.33 each that the U.S. citizen has been fleeced. More than enough to have you all quite pissed off, I imagine."

-- Crimes of Zion

Another greedy for-profit corporate money-changing giant has bit the dust and once again our corrupt-to-the-core federal government is forcing US to bail them out.

Well, I have news for my fellow Americans out there who after decades of swallowing this horseshit still can't smell the dung.

"Insurers" are not supposed to become insolvent at the mere mention of the possibility that the risk that they're supposedly insuring against may - just may - possibly - materialize.

If they do, then they have no fucking business being insurers!

And if they're going to turn to the Federal Government (i.e., WE the PEOPLE's asses - through their extraordinary and immoral TAXING POWER) to bail them out of their sorry-ass predicament, then they sure as hell have no business being FOR-PROFIT to boot!

(Not that so-called "Not-For-Profit" corporations are any better in this country the way tax laws are set up to handsomely reward money-lenders who finance them AT INTEREST - but being for-profit adds insult to injury)

I mean, please - someone tell me why, OH WHY, should Americans have to pay premiums through the nose to these profit-mongers only to have to bail their asses out after they've pilfered the entire nation of its lifeblood???

This is not "Capitalism."

This is not "Free Market."

This is nothing near "Laissez-Faire."

This is Socialism at its worst - Socialism for the Rich - as if they needed more handouts than they already have.

Redistribution of wealth from the poor working class to the "rich" corporate leaches inextricably lached to the backs of our necks.

Congratulations, America - the United States has become more Communist than China.

Watch tv, eat shit and die while your appointed overlords tax your asses to oblivion to bail out their corporate pals.

Of course, Bush scrapped his plans to make a public statement - I mean, WTF is he going to say? "Bend over and take it???"